The Roving Ram - Rounds the Horn

The end of the work week has arrived and sure enough, folks, we’ve got a brand new edition of the Roving Ram to satiate your hunger for NFL tidbits and news. Fire up a finely rolled cigar, pop open your favorite frosty beverage and kick back for your week day’s usual wild ride.

The Roving Ram - Rounds the Horn
By Rams Nation's Brandon Cavanaugh

- Martz Praises Warner’s Arm

Double M has said it, hence it must be so. Kurt Warner "is throwing the ball the best I've ever seen him throw" said the Saint Louis Rams’ head man. He's so intense," Martz said. "The fire had gone out of the game for Kurt. He had put too much pressure on himself. That's been resolved. He is ready to go." You know, I really hope Kurt comes back into his Super Bowl form, because really, how sweet would it be to have the QB position nailed down with Warner and the security of a solid individual like Marc Bulger? Some NFL teams have difficulty finding ONE signal caller that doesn’t rain down interceptions like it’s going out of style; St. Louis could have two or more.

- Jurevicius Speaks Openly Following Son’s Death

Tampa Bay Bucaneers WR Joe Jurevicius had to wipe away the tears on several occasions after speaking for the first time after the loss of his son. “There's not a day goes by that Meagan or I don't cry," said Jurevicius, flanked by his. "For two and a half months I went through a roller-coaster of emotions. From the highs to the lows, back to the highs.” You know, I crack wise a lot here and what not, I have fun with it, but there’s nothing funny about this situation, of course. I feel for Joe and his wife and I don’t claim to know his pain as I have not experienced the joy of having a child in my life. “But I've become a stronger person for it. I think I've become a better husband for it. I think I've become a better family man for it. I think that Michael helped me become a better football player." Joe said.

- Robbins Back With Raiders

Barrett Robbins has returned to the Oakland Raiders practice field for the first time since Oakland’s Super Bowl bid. Sure, this may have seemed like an average day of minicamp for Robbins but after the difficulties he had before the Bowl, it could be the first day of mending fences. "I had a bipolar episode," Robbins said of the troubles he experienced. "It could have been stress. It was a highly stressful situation, added by alcohol abuse." I’ve had friends who have experienced how much it sucks to be Bi-polar and it’s nothing to fool around with. “That's obviously not a very good feeling," he said. "Having manic depression, going from mania to a depression state. Going all the way that high and in the same day ending up that low is certainly a very helpless feeling. I felt helpless." I wish Barrett well in his recovery as do the staff here at Gridiron Gateway because…well…I said so.

- McGahee Ain’t Getting’ It McDone

Willis McGahee will not be available for the Buffalo Bills’ minicamp in six weeks as he is still recovering from a severe knee injury sustained in the 2002 National Championship game vs. Ohio State. That’s a kick ass game, by the way, if you can get a copy of it, watch it and be amazed. “I'm not going to even worry about it. I don't even try to think about it," McGahee said Friday as the Bills wrapped up their final spring minicamp session. "But other than that, I've just got to sit around and wait, learn plays and just do the certain things that I can." Did anyone else see him on a Playstation while making that comment?

- Cardinals Looking to Toss Jones

The Arizona Cardinals are talking to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints about trading away running back Thomas Jones. The Cardinals have stated that if they cannot trade Jones, they will simply release him. The Cardinals tried to deal away Jones before the draft but, of course, didn’t find any takers. "But we will try to exhaust all possibilities before we let him go," Cardinals vice president Rod Graves said. Man, you gotta feel for Tom. The Cardinals are basically saying, “You’ll be going, either by trade or release, but you’re going.” Much love from the Cardinals’ organization there.

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That’s all for today, Rams and Ramlettes. Take care of yourself and enjoy the Father’s Day weekend. Take care, all.

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