MSU Assistant Coach Lane Burroughs Q&A

Mississippi State assistant baseball coach gives his opinion about how the MSU hitters did this past weekend.

What are you overall impressions of the hitting after watching them hit this past weekend?
"One of the things I liked was the fact with Brent Brownlee and Trey Porter out, some other guys stepped up at the plate. Two that come to mind are Demarcus Henderson and Hunter Renfroe. Both had great weekends hitting the ball. And Hunter also played really well defensively.

"What they did was very encouraging to us as a coaching staff. We know that both can play and allows us, as coaches, to feel even better about our depth.

"I was also impressed with how well C.T. Bradford hit Sunday. He had a great day at the plate (going 4-for-6 with a home run and 6 RBI).

"Adam Frazier also had a very good weekend hitting the ball and also defensively. He really showed his great athletic ability during the games this weekend."

Wes Rea hit the ball well at times but also struggled at the plate at other times. What are your thoughts about his hitting at this point?
"He got a little bit exposed (hitting-wise) earlier in the season. The pitchers tried to take advantage of that this weekend. As the season goes deeper, teams will have a better scouting report on hitters. And due to that teams will pitch you even tougher. And as a hitter you'll have to be able to make adjustments. I saw that from Wes this past weekend. Some pitches he was swinging at earlier in the season he laid off of this past weekend."

You mentioned Henderson earlier. He really did have a very good weekend hitting the ball. Defensively, he played in right field in a couple of games and at third base late in the Sunday game. Where do you see him playing in the field this season, outfield or infield or both?
"He played in right field and did play defense late at third base. Because he's so versatile, I could see him playing either in the outfield or infield. He's played right field and third base, and I could even see him playing at shortstop if we needed him there."

Daryl Norris continues to hit the ball well.
"He's having a really great early season for us. He's been a very solid, solid presence for us not only hitting but in the field as well. He made some great defensive plays for us this past weekend. He's a very level-headed kid."

True freshman shortstop Matthew Britton had good moments at bat and in the field this past weekend but also struggled at times with both.
"He's playing at a high-traffic position at shortstop. And the game is also much faster for him than high school was. So, there is going to be an adjustment for him. As for the errors he made this weekend, all of us who have played on the college level have been there. It happens sometimes. You just have to continue to work hard and battle through it. And Matthew, who is very talented, works hard in practice. We have all the confidence in the world in him and know he'll work through it.

"Coach Cohen watched the video of the games this weekend and saw some things that Matthew did that he can work on that will help him.

"Matthew is a great kid, a very talented player and a hard worker. He's going to play this game for a long time."

When do you expect Trey Porter and Brent Brownlee, both of whom missed a lot of this past weekend due to injuries, back in the lineup full-time?
"Porter could be as early as against Penn State. He was moving around a lot better Sunday. Brownlee is a very tough kid and would probably like to be back playing full-time right now but we don't want to force the issue with him. We need him in the lineup but we want him to be 100% before we play him."

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