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[Premium Article] Jacky Claude is a 6-foot-3, 298-pound offensive lineman who plays for Edison High School in Miami, Florida. I caught up with Jacky and talked to him about his recruitment.

Jacky Claude, who has lived in Florida all of his life, will be one of the most highly recruited offensive linemen in the state of Florida this coming season. He has already received an offer from numerous colleges, including Mississippi State.

What schools called you during the May evaluation period?
"Florida State, Florida Gators, LSU, Auburn, Clemson...everybody."

(Laugh) Did you realize that it was going to be like that?
"No, I didn't think so."

You must be a really good football player. What makes you so good?
"My determination. I like to finish my blocks. I don't give up any sacks."

What do you play, guard or tackle?

What schools have offered you a scholarship?
"Florida State, Florida Gators, LSU, Ohio State, Rutgers, Virginia Tech...."

What schools haven't offered you, Jacky?
"I don't know. (laugh)"

Has Mississippi State offered you a scholarship?

Did they also call in May?

Have you attended any summer camps?
"I went to the Rutgers camp. The next camp I'm going to is the Iowa State camp. I'm also going to attend the Miami camp. I'm supposed to be going to the LSU camp, but we haven't talked about that, yet."

Do you have a list of 5, 6 or 7 schools?
"Yes, I have that. My top five are the Florida Gators, LSU, Ohio State....I like the Michigan Wolverines. I like Florida State, too."

Do you have Mississippi State on your radar screen, or are they pretty low on your list?
"They are pretty low."

I appreciate you talking to me, Jacky.
"Alright, sir."

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