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[Premium Article] Gene's Page recently caught up with Lanier High School's Charles Rhodes (6-8, 220) and Provine High School's Charlie White (5-11, 175), both of whom have committed to Mississippi State. Both members of the class of 2004, Charlie is a point guard and Charles is a forward.

Charles Rhodes interview.

Why did you decide to go ahead and commit to Mississippi State?
"Because I have always like Mississippi State since I was young. The past few years, I have gotten to know the atmosphere at Mississippi State because of going to the team camp or on unofficial visits. I got to see how it was and all the players love me. Even the fans love me. They always want an autograph."

What schools did you consider other than Mississippi State?
"Connecticut, Oklahoma, Alabama and Arkansas."

Did all those schools also offer you a scholarship?

If you could describe the strong points of your game, what would they be?
"My strong points are the way I know the game and posting up on offense. When I post up, if they start double teaming me, I can shoot."

What are some things that you need to work on?
"I need to work on my jump shooting and my dribbling. I really need to work on all phases of my game."

Would you consider yourself a power forward or a small forward?
"I am more of a small forward."

If you wanted State fans to know what kind of game you have, what former Bulldog players would you compare your game to?
"Erick Dampier and Mario (Austin). Mario Austin can shoot, too. Erick, when he gets the ball, he is not going to be scared no matter who it is, he is going to dunk on you. He has no fear."

What are some all-star events that you are going to this summer?
"I'm going to the NBA camp and the Nike camp. I'm going to one other place but I'm not sure of the name of it. I have already been to Las Vegas and Houston (Texas) and North Carolina. And I went to the Boo Williams in Virginia."

Been a 17 year old, do you get a little homesick when you travel to places all over the country?
"When I first started I was, but I've now gotten so used to it, I don't any more. I meet a lot of new friends and you get a lot of exposure everytime you step on the court. When you go to these other states, you have to bring your game."

You already have faced the top players in Mississippi, so you know how you compare to them. When you play out of state, you are playing against some of the best players in the nation. Because of that, have you learned how good you are nationally and have you improved your overall game going against the best?
"Oh yeah, after the game is over with, they will know who Charles Rhodes."

(Laugh). Thanks for the interview, Charles.
"Thanks, sir. Thanks for calling me."

TheInsiders' basketball recruiting analyst Dave Telep talked to Gene's Page about Charles Rhodes, a player that he has seen quite a few times.

Dave Telep: "I've seen Charles as far back as one and a half years ago. He was at the Nike Hoop jamboree last summer. He has a lot of bounce to his game. He really gets off the floor well and uses his athleticism to his advantage. That may wind up being his biggest asset.

"(He) is probably going to play more of a power forward role for Mississippi State. He is very athletic, likes to face the basket and can do that to mid-range. He loses his effectiveness when he goes much further than that, but he is ultra athletic and gets a lot of tips around the basket, has a bevy of post moves and is a guy who is going to be a top-100 player provided he maintains everything throughout the summer."

Charlie White interview.

You've been a Mississippi State fan for awhile. How long have you been a State fan?
"I've always like the Mississippi State program. When they started recruiting me, that is when I said that is where I wanted to be at."

What Mississippi State coach was the primary recruiter?
"(Phi) Cunningham."

What were your impressions of Coach Cunningham?
"I like him because he is cool. He talks to you straight up. He doesn't beat around the bush and play around. He came to me straight."

Describe your game to Mississippi State fans.
"I am a great point guard who can get my teammates involved anyway that I can. If they need me to score, I am going to score."

Has there been a player at State, you would compare yourself to?
"I like (Derrick) Zimmerman's game."

Are you a high flyer
"I can jump, now. I can windmill."

Really, how tall are you?

You are supposed to have a pretty good offensive game, aren't you?
"Yes, I have a good offensive game."

What's your thoughts about Charles Rhodes committing to Mississippi State.
"I was happy to see him commit. I've been knowing Charles for three years, now. We are real tight. We'll both be going there together, so I will know someone who is going there with me."

I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me, Charlie.

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