Freshman Running Back Jason Jude

Gene's Page talked with true freshman running back Jason Jude (6-0, 228) recently. Jason, who is attending the first session of summer school, talked to me about what kind of running back he is, how his knee rehab is coming along and what his expectations are this year.

Jason Jude Interview:

MSU signed you to play tailback, didn't they?

Is that the position you want to play?
"Yes, that's what I want to play."

Tell the MSU fans who check my webpage what kind of player Jason Jude is.
"I am a quiet player on the field. They say I'm a power back on the field. I like to run over people and even try to outrun people. I like to continue to learn each game."

What is your actual height and weight?
"I'm 6-0 and weigh 228."

What do you want to weigh?
"I want to be about 218 to 220."

What did you weigh in high school?
"My senior year, I was 220."

I know you had an ACL injury the 4th game of your senior year. Watching you work out, I noticed you were limping a little. How's your knee?
"(The limping) is more mental. It's just a habit. Everyday I feel stronger."

You said it's a habit to limp. Do you feel you still have a mental block when it comes to your knee?
"Mentally, I'm coming along with it. Physically, I'm probably better than what I think I am."

What is your doctor saying about you being able to play this season. Does he expect you to redshirt or play?
"Me personally, I don't want to redshirt. If my knee is not right, I will redshirt."

Has your doctor told you about how far along your knee is?
"I'm about 85% right now, so I've got a long way to go."

What things can you not do due to your knee?
"I just found out that I can't do leg extensions because I have tendinitis in my knee."

Can you do squats?
"I can do squats and leg presses. I can do everything but leg extensions."

Are you ready to get that first hit on your knee out of the way and see what happens?
"Yes, I can't wait until we dress up in pads so I can find out."

Have you ever been injured before and had to overcome it?
"My junior year I dislocated my shoulder, but it was not as serious as a torn ACL. I played the rest of the year with it."

Thanks for talking to me, Jason.

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