Junior Fullback Nick Signaigo

[Premium Article] Gene's Page recently caught up with junior fullback Nick Signaigo (6-3, 245). Nick talked about what he wants to accomplish this year, where he will fit in the fullback mix, the new offensive scheme and the attitude of the team.

Nick Signaigo Interview:

What is your actual height and weight?
"I'm about 6-3. Today, I weighed 245. I want to be about 255."

Why do you want to weigh more?
"While I want to keep my speed, I want to increase my weight so that I can be more of a bruiser. This spring I was weighing about 240 and was bringing a pretty good pop."

Isn't blocking more technique than just being big? I remember you had a lot of good blocks during the spring but there one time when you hit a defensive player and bounced off of him.
"Yes, you have to learn how to get under them, learn about pad level. What happened to me at the beginning of the spring was I had been playing on the scout team in the fall and had not really worked on my blocking during the perid. (During the fall) they had me playing wide receiver, tailback, offensive guard. Toward the end of the spring, after I had a chance to work on my blocking, I was really doing well, getting my pad level down. I still have to work on that. I'll just keep on busting my butt in the weight room."

What is your forty speed, now?

When did you run that time?
"I believe it was during the Iron Dawg competition."

How did you do in the Iron Dawg competition?
"I made Elite."

What were your lifts?
"I'm not really sure. Kyle Wiley and I work out together. Cody Upton's with us now. We three try to push each other to our limits. When we were maxing, I'm pretty sure I got 450. He and I both got 450."

Yeah, you set some lift records when you were at Alabama.
"Yeah, at Alabama, I had 435 on the bench. That was a record there. On the incline bench, I was 415. My forty time was 4.6 flat which was also the record."

I realize you really didn't get to play in the previous offensive scheme, so you don't have anything to compare the new offensive scheme to, but what do you think about it?
"(Running back) Coach Davis and Coach Sherrill put me in the mix a little bit toward the end of the season, just to give me some reps during the season. I learned a little of Coach Woods' system, but not much since I was on the scout team. Comparing this system to Coach Woods' system, it blows his out of the water. Man, it is wide open. You never know what (Coach Watts) is going to do."

There were times when I saw the fullback go out wide.
"Yes, in the spring game, I went out wide twice. I got thrown the ball once and caught a pass. I was like the widest receiver on the field. It is amazing, man. Sometimes, they have me coming in motion across the formation and go in the flats. They put me everywhere. They even put me at tailback some because they sometimes want a bigger back."

Where do you fit in the fullback mix? Have you talk to Coach Davis about that?
"I talked to Coach Davis about it. He said he has seen Darnell (Jones) in game situations and the only time he has seen me play is in practice and not in game situations."

What did Coach Davis say he liked about you in the spring?
"He said he likes the way I work. Every play, I go 110%. I'm learning the plays, but I have to be more consistent catching the ball out of the backfield. I will tell you that straight up, but I'm working on it. I guess, because I didn't catch many balls in the fall, I was rusty. I'll be alright in the fall."

I realize you have only been here one year, but maybe you can answer this question anyway. What makes you believe this team will be better than last year's team?
"I really think it is going to come down to our offensive and defensive lines. We have good quarterbacks. We have a very good backfield. We have Turner, Norwood and Reid. We have good fullbacks. When one goes down, we have one just as good who can replace him. I think it will come down to how the lines perform."

Thanks, Nick.

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