2013 Prospect Dominic Taccolini Update

Fort Bend Kempner High School (Sugar Land, TX) pitcher/hitter Dominic Taccolini is one of the best players in the class of 2013 in the state of Texas. He has been dominating at the plate and on the mound this season and colleges have taken notice of his exploits.

Dominic Taccolini, who has thrown three straight shutouts in his last three starts for his high school team, is receiving recruiting attention from numerous colleges, in and out of state.

"Mississippi State, Arkansas, TCU, U of H (Houston), and Texas Tech are showing interest in me," said Taccolini, "And Texas and Rice (have shown) a little (attention). Arkansas and Mississippi State have offered (scholarships). I've also had a couple of other schools who said they will offer me if I come for a visit."

A power-hitter at the plate with a power-arm on the mound, Taccolini will likely have his choice of what position he wants to play in college.

"Some (colleges) are recruiting me for both and some of them say mainly for pitching but they will let me have a chance to hit in the fall," said the youngster who consistently throws an 89-92 miles per hour sinking fastball. "Mississippi State is looking at me for both and Arkansas is pretty much (looking at) pitching and they'll let me hit in the fall."

With several schools after him, he has two that stand atop his recruiting wish list at the moment.

"Arkansas and Mississippi State are my top two," said Taccolini. "I want to get out of the state of Texas."

He explained what he likes about both schools.

"I like them because they are both in the SEC, so it will be a good level of competition and they both have really good baseball traditions," said the 6-3, 230-pounder. "Both are top five in attendance and that is always a big thing."

He's already visited one of the two and plans on visiting the other one soon.

"I've visited Mississippi State," said Taccolini. "I liked them all around. It has a small town atmosphere, all the buildings were nice, the campus was beautiful, all the coaches were so nice and really seemed to have a family atmosphere.

"I am probably going to visit Arkansas in three weeks."

He hopes to commit to the college of his choice prior to his senior season.

"I will probably commit during the summer," said Taccolini, who plays his summer ball with the Columbia Angels baseball program, one of the premier programs in Texas.

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