Cort Brinson Talks About Committing to MSU

Oak Grove High School 2012 catcher/outfielder Cort Brinson, one of the top players in the state of Mississippi, talks about his commitment to Mississippi State.

  • Name: Cort Brinson
  • Classification: 2012
  • High School: Oak Grove High School (Hattiesburg, MS)
  • Position: Catcher/Outfielder
  • HT: 6-0, WT: 200
  • Current 2012 Stats: .468 batting average, 8 home runs, 41 RBI in 26 games
  • Committed to MSU over Tennessee and Delta State

  • You committed to Mississippi State per a tweet you sent out today. How did this all come about?
    "I have been recruited by State for awhile now. During my sophomore and freshman year I was focusing on football and didn't go to any baseball camps. During my junior year I started realizing that I could play on a higher level in baseball. Mississippi State started recruiting me and I went to a couple of their camps and won some awards. They offered me and Mississippi State is where I want to be so I told them I was coming there and that I wanted to be a Bulldog."

    Which MSU coach did you tell that you were committing? And what did he say about the commitment?
    "I told (assistant) Coach (Lane) Burroughs last night at the Mississippi State-Southern Miss game. He said it was a good deal and that he was glad that I committed. He had already set me up in a (dorm) room and I already have a roommate. I am pretty much set to go."

    Why did you choose Mississippi State
    "I got looked at by other schools but I just felt that State was the right place for me due to how things are going right now. I like Starkville and I have a lot of friends up there. I think I am going to like it a lot."

    What did your parents think about you committing?
    "It was my decision but they were very excited. They were very happy with my decision. They know that I deserve to be on this high of a level and I know I can play on this level."

    What schools did you consider?
    "I also considered Tennessee and I had a full ride to Delta State and William Carey. All the junior colleges in the state wanted me."

    Where do you stand as far as the Major League Baseball Draft?
    "I have been talked to a couple of scouts about the draft. I am hoping that it will happen but I'm not depending on it because I am going to play at Mississippi State anyway. I want to go to college. But I would love to be drafted because that would be pretty awesome."

    A couple of people that I have talked to compare you to current MSU baseball player Hunter Renfroe. How would you describe yourself as a player?
    "I guess it would be the same as Hunter because I am a catcher and an outfielder. But I can play just about anywhere. I can play first base and second base. I also have pretty good speed."

    How would you describe your offensive game?
    "I am pretty good overall, contact and power. I have a decent amount of power. I think I had 6 home runs last year and this year, with the BBCOR bat, I have 8 home runs."

    That is surprising about the home runs. Normally, they go down with the use of the BBCOR. Do you have any idea why yours went up?
    "I think it's due to me using them some last year and getting used to them. I also used wood bats the entire summer and did really well. I hit a lot of home runs."

    Was this past summer the first time you used the wood bat extensively?
    "Yes sir, that was the first time I used it extensively. I knew it was going to be that way in the future. And I hit really well with it. I was used to it before the season started so I was prepared."

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