EMCC Forward Colin Borchert Signs With MSU

East Mississippi Community College All-American forward Colin Borchert talks about signing with Mississippi State.

  • Name: Colin Borchert
  • Classification: Sophomore
  • Junior College: East Mississippi Community College (Scooba, MS)
  • Position: Forward
  • HT: 6-8, WT: 215
  • Schools of Interest: Chose Mississippi State over Georgetown, Xavier, LSU, Arkansas, South Alabama and a couple of west coast colleges.

  • Why did you decide to sign with Mississippi State?
    "There were many reasons why I wanted to sign with Mississippi State. One thing was (MSU head) Coach (Rick) Ray. He is a fantastic guy. The programs he has coached at and how he coaches shows a lot about him. I am coming into a program where there will be discipline, it will be a brand new program. I like the situation. I like the campus. I love the area and I love the south. Overall, it was the perfect fit for me."

    I know you officially visited Georgetown, South Alabama and Xavier in addition to Mississippi State. Were those the teams you seriously considered?
    "They were some of the ones that I strongly considered. I also considered Arkansas, LSU and a couple of others from the west who recruited me hard. But I just didn't have the time to check them out."

    You had a lot of schools after you. But you decided to just take four of your five visits. Was there just something about Mississippi State that caused you not to want to take that final visit?
    "I just had that vibe with the coach (Rick Ray). Me and the coach sat down yesterday and today and talked. We talked about what he wanted in a person and what I wanted as far as the school and the program. I think we really hit it off. I think he is going to be an outstanding coach the next couple of years. I want to see how Mississippi State goes. I think we are going to do well. We might be real young but we are going to be strong."

    You just signed with Mississippi State a few hours ago and you have already started saying we when you talk about State. Did you bond that well with the team and coaches that quickly?
    "(Laugh) Yes sir."

    You played for a really good coach at East Mississippi Community College, Mark White. Is he and Coach Ray similar in their style of play?
    "They aren't really similar but in a way they are. They are going to hold you accountable for your actions. You can't be missing class or doing this or doing that. You have to be a good student/athlete. You have to go to class, do things on time, be organized. That's what I really liked about (Coach Ray). He is organized. He already has things laid out and he has only been there about three weeks. He has things going in the right direction. In my eyes he is going to be an outstanding coach."

    What does it mean to you that a day or two after he was hired he and his staff started recruiting you hard?
    "Ever since I have been in Mississippi I have been to Mississippi State. I went to a couple of their games last year and I went to the Alabama game this year. I loved where Mississippi State is. I love Starkville. And I really wanted to stay close to East Mississippi (Community College) and also stay in a similar atmosphere. Then they came after me really hard (when Coach Ray got there) and gave me the opportunity to play at Mississippi State."

    You came from a big city, Phoenix, Arizona, then go to Scooba, Mississippi, a small town in Mississippi. It appears you really like the state of Mississippi. What is it about Mississippi that causes you to like it so much?
    "I think it is the atmosphere, how people do things here. It is a slower pace than in a big city. You can slow it down and relax a little bit better. Another thing is I love the food. The food got me addicted to the south."

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