Olney Central College PG Talks Recruiting

Olney Central College freshman point guard Trivante Bloodman talks recruiting with Gene's Page.

When is your official visit to Mississippi State?
"I'll visit Thursday to Saturday (of this week)."

Recruiting-wise, when did they get involved with you?
"They started recruiting me when the new coaching staff came in."

How did they know about you?
"The assistant coach, Chris Hollender, knows my head coach here (at Olney Central College). They talked a little bit and my name came up. Chris came to watch me play and he liked me. Then I started talking to Rick Ray a lot. Rick is a cool dude. He talked to me about setting up a visit."

What did the Mississippi State coaches say they liked about you?
"They said they like my attitude and how I pick up on defense. I pick up full court. And that I like the game of basketball."

How would you describe yourself as a basketball player?
"I am a pass-first guard. I can get to the basket and score. If I can't score I will dish it out to my teammates. What I am working on right now is my jump shot. I have a good set shot but I have been working on my pullup game like off the screen."

In addition to Mississippi State what other schools are recruiting you?
"Texas Tech, Seton Hall, the University of Nebraska, Duquesne, Florida Atlantic and Wisconsin-Milwaukee. There are a lot more but those are my main schools and the ones who have offered me."

Which schools have you officially visited?
"I have taken official visits to Seton Hall, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Florida Atlantic and my next visit is to Mississippi State."

Will you take any other visits after your Mississippi State visit?
"This is my last visit. I'm not taking anymore after this one."

What are your thoughts about the schools that you are considering? Where do you stand with them, recruiting-wise?
"Right now, pretty much, because of how I have been bonding with Rick and Chris, I told Rick I want to be a Bulldog. And if I like the campus I am signing right away."

You obviously like Rick Ray and Chris Hollender a lot. What is it about them that you like so much?
"Chris is real cool. He is very straight up. He and (Coach) Ray are both very straight up. When I first talked to Chris he was like a father to me. He let you know how it is and I respected that. Then he spoke to my mom and she thought he was real cool. And my coach here said it was a good staff (at Mississippi State). Everything just added up and made me want to go to Mississippi State even more."

When will you be attending the school you sign with? Will it be during the summer or next fall?
"I think it will be the second term of summer. When I spoke with Chris and Rick they talked about the second term, maybe the middle of July."

What do you know about Mississippi State itself?
"I know their style of play. I saw their record last year. I think it was 21-12. I also know they lost a guard (Dee Bost). Like I said, it's the best opportunity for me right now. It's a whole new staff and it's like a family. That Colin (Borchert) kid signed with them. I've spoke to him by phone."

You talked to Colin? What did you guys talk about?
"I called him and told him that I was going to be a Bulldog. He agreed with everything that I said. He said it is a good fit, a new program, we can put the team on our back and take it to the next level. He wants everything that I want. I told him I am ready, I'm going to sign, I'm going to be there."

Trivante, who is a freshman in eligibility and will have four years to play three on the next level, averaged 15.4 points per game, 3.1 assists per game, 1.8 steals per game and 2.6 rebounds per game for Olney Central College. He made 50% of his field goal attempts, 45% of his three-point shots and 74% of his free throw attempts.

Below is video highlights from his high school career.

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