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[Premium Article] Keith Boykins is a 6-1, 232-pound senior linebacker who plays for Lovejoy High School in Georgia.

At the Nike Camp this past May, Keith benched 185 pounds 18 times and had a 30 inch vertical leap.

Keith Boykins Interview:

What's your height and weight, Keith?
"I am 6-1, 232."

What is your normal forty speed?
"My average is like 4.7."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular college?
"When I was growing up in New York, we used to watch a lot of Syracuse (games)."

How long did you live in New York?
"About three or four years."

How old were you when you lived in New York?
"From 5 years to 7 or 8 years old."

Did you move from New York to Georgia?
"No, we moved to Tucson, Arizona. Actually, my dad worked on campus at Arizona."

Sounds like you have been all over. Where else have you lived?
"My dad was in the Army. We also lived in Fort Knox, Kentucky; Portsmouth, Virginia and Georgia."

How long have you lived in Georgia?
"Since I was nine."

Switching over to recruiting, what schools called you during May?
"Auburn, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, LSU, Mississippi State. I think those were all the D-I schools. Georgia Southern and a couple of other D-II colleges also called."

Did you expect that many teams to call you?
"Most of them had sent me letters saying that they were going to call me, but I was still surprised when LSU called you. Somebody got in touch with the coach at LSU about me and they apologized for not recruiting me. He called me and we talked for a long time. I was surprised how open he was with me."

What did the coaches say they liked about you when they called you?
"After watching my highlight tape, the one thing they talked about was how much they liked how I hit. They liked how I got after it. When I get in the game, it normally takes me one play to get hit and from then on I'm crazy for the rest of the game. I'm hitting linemen, I'm hitting running backs, I'm hitting everybody that is in my way."

Where have the college coaches talked about using you when you get to college, inside or outside linebacker?
"They are talking about inside."

Have you received any scholarship offers, yet?
"No, not yet."

One of your teammates, Anthony Parker, told me that you are rated a four-star linebacker. What do you feel makes you such a highly rated linebacker?
"I'm really crazy (laugh). When I watch most people tackle, they don't want to put their face in there but that is the first thing I want to do. I get more stingers because I love to tackle with my face. I hate to tackle with my shoulders and my chest because I like to put my face in there."

How are you doing, academically?
"I have a 3.3 grade point average and a 1,000 on my SAT."

If you have a top five list of colleges, what would you say they are?
"My top five are Auburn number one, Tennessee would be number two, three would probably be Mississippi State, then Georgia and South Carolina."

What is it about Mississippi State that you like?
"I would love to get together and play with my old teammates again. I've never been to State but I will take a visit down there.

You mentioned visiting MSU. Do you have plans on visiting many colleges during the football season?
"(My teammates and I) have a whole little thing planned out where every weekend, we are going to a (college) football game. We are going to Oklahoma, we are going here, we are going there, we are going to a college game every weekend."

I've enjoyed talking to you, Keith. Good luck with recruiting.

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