Kisan Flakes Update

Gene's Page recently did a recruiting interview with Lovejoy (GA) High School's Kisan Flakes (6-1, 192), one of the top quarterbacks and athletes in the state of Georgia.

Kisan was born in Buffalo, New York and lived there until he was five years old. From there, his family moved to Georgia. Anthony is an excellent student who will easily qualify.

Kisan Flakes Interview:

What camps have you attended this summer?
"Just Mississippi State."

Do you plan on attending any other camps the rest of the summer?
"No, not really."

How did you do at Mississippi State's camp?
"We did pretty good for what we had. We didn't have our team but we played right up to the championship game."

How close did you come to winning it?
"Santini (Washington) got hurt so our Coach, Coach G, stopped us before anyone got hurt seriously. We won all of our games that day, so we had to play the team we lost to first. It was double-elimination so we got to play them again. We quit that game because it started raining."

What schools called you during the spring evaluation period?
"I can't remember all of them but I think that Louisville, Michigan, Mississippi State, West Virginia and several others did."

Have any of them offered you a scholarships?
"My mom told me that West Virginia offered me. There's another school but I can't remember who they are. Coach Tompkins (of Mississippi State) pulled me off to the side (at the MSU camp) and told me that they were going to recruit me hard. I don't know if that means they will offer me. I also talked to their offensive coordinator (Morris Watts)."

You mentioned that two Mississippi State coaches talked to you at their camp. What did they say they liked about you?
"They liked how well I threw the ball. They couldn't really see my mobility (at the camp), but I think they know from tapes what kind of mobility I have. Coach Tompkins also told me that he felt I had a smart football mind. They felt that I would be right for their program. "

I know it's still very early in the recruiting process, but if you had a list of five schools you are interested in, who would they be?
"Probably, because they are showing so much interest in me, Mississippi State would be one of them. Probably a Georgia team. I'm not really sure which one, UGA or Georgia Tech, probably UGA. I guess West Virginia. That's the school my dad went to."

Really. Did he play sports there?
"He played football there and basketball at Pittsburgh."

He must have been a pretty good athlete. I see where you got your athleticism.
"And my brother plays basketball for Pittsburgh."

What is your brother's name?
"Julius Page. He is a shooting guard. He will be a senior this season."

How good is he?
"He has been a starter since his freshman season."

He is good! Do you play basketball?
"I played my 9th grade year. I broke my clavicle my 10th grade year. I didn't play my 11th grade year but will probably play this year."

Thanks for talking to me, Kisan.

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