Four-Star RB Commits to MSU

West Bolivar (Rosedale, MS) High School class of 2013 four-star running back Kailo Moore talks about his commitment to Mississippi State.

  • Name: Kailo Moore
  • Classification: 2013
  • High School: West Bolivar (Rosedale, MS) High School
  • Position: Running Back
  • HT: 5-11, WT: 185
  • Ranking: 4-Star
  • Committed to Mississippi State

  • "I committed to Mississippi State," said Moore. "I had been thinking about it all day and I decided that I just wanted to get it over with right now. So I decided to go ahead and commit to Mississippi State."

    While Moore was excited about the commitment, Mississippi State head coach was just as excited.

    "He was real excited," said Moore in a bit of an understatement.

    His mother, Diane Moore, gave a more detailed description of the reaction from Dan and his wife, Megan Mullen.

    "(Dan Mullen) looked like he had just won the Super Bowl and his wife cried," said Diane. "I said ok, they must really be happy about him coming. Everybody was happy."

    Diane couldn't be happier with the decision, although she stayed out of the process and let Kailo make the decision himself.

    "I like that he made this decision all by himself, I didn't have to help him," said Diane. "And I'm ecstatic about the decision that he has made because he is going to a good college and he will be well taken care of."

    She in particular likes and trusts the people at Mississippi State that will be around her son.

    "I like the people," said Diane. "Coach Mullen is down to earth, his wife is very sweet. I love being around Coach Mullen and his wife because they are very sweet. It's like a family, the team is like a family. And I want him to be around people that he is comfortable with and that he can trust. Trust is a big issue for me. And there are not a lot of people that I trust with my son. But I'm confident that I can trust the coaches."

    Another person that is liked, especially by Kailo, is MSU running backs coach Greg Knox.

    "Working with him, seeing the type coach he is, how he worked me, that he is going to push me a lot, I liked that," said Kailo. "With me working with him, he will make me the best that I can be."

    Another coach that Kailo will be working with while at MSU is head track coach Steve Dudley. He is as impressed with him as he is with Mullen and Knox.

    "I talk to Steve all the time," said Kailo. "That effected (my decision) a whole lot. Out of all the other colleges that have been recruiting me as a running back, I haven't met with any of the track coaches. But (MSU) saw that I could run track at their college so I had developed a relationship with Coach Dudley. We have gotten to know each other really well, so that helped out a whole lot, too, with the commitment."

    Because he is a very highly recruited player, Kailo knows there will be reactions to his commitment, some that might not be positive, but he is ready to deal with that.

    "I know there's about to be a lot of pressure, probably for the next three days, but I think I can handle it pretty good," said Kailo. "People are going to be mad from Ole Miss and other colleges are going to be mad but I'm just looking out for me."

    Kailo has two goals in mind over the course of the next year.

    "My goal now is to get my team to the state championship my last year of high school," said the youngster. "(And) the main thing now is to meet up with some other players, some four and five-star players, and help get them (to MSU) so we can build a franchise and hopefully win a national championship."

    Reflecting back on the day and the decision, Kailo Moore couldn't be happier about how it ended.

    "Today is a good day," said Kailo. "This morning, when we woke up, it was storming pretty bad. The thought came across my mind, should we wait or should we go ahead and do it? We came down here and it has been a good day, the storm is gone and it's clearing up."

    With the big commitment decision now out of the way, what will the Moore family do to celebrate?

    "Because he has to go home and get up for football practice at 7 in the morning we are going home and chill out, probably eat pizza," said Diane with a smile on her face.

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