Jeremy Lomax Update

Gene's Page did a recent interview with Lovejoy (GA) High School defensive end Jeremy Lomax (6-6, 210, 4.7). Jeremy is one of the top defensive ends in the state of Georgia. Like his teammates, he is a very good student who will easily qualify.

Jeremy Lomax Interview:

I have talked to several of your teammates. It sounds like your team is loaded this year. How did your team do last year?
"We made it to the second round. We should have gone further."

Did you lose many starters from last season's team?
"We lost a lot of seniors that were starters and this was supposed to be our rebuilding year, but it's going to be a good year."

What schools called you during the spring evaluation period?
"Virginia, Alabama, Clemson, East Carolina, Louisville, Maryland, Nebraska, South Carolina, Auburn, Mississippi State, Western Michigan, Cincinnati and Wisconsin."

What schools have offered you scholarships, so far?
"East Carolina and Wisconsin have both offered me verbally."

What did State say to you when they talked to you?
"(Coach Tompkins) said they are going to be recruiting me very highly."

Did any of the other coaches talk to you while you were at Mississippi State's football camp?
"Coach (John) Blake."

What did he say he liked about you?
"He said he likes my footwork and that I have good speed."

Had you ever heard of Coach Blake prior to coming to the MSU camp?
"Not really. I had heard of him about a month prior to the camp. Coach Gonella, who is at State now, told me about him. When I went down there I realized how good of a coach he was, great coach, actually."

Do you have a list of schools you are most interested in at this time?
"Well, Mississippi State is my first. Maryland and Michigan are my northern schools. Ole Miss, Auburn, Alabama and Georgia."

Why is Mississippi State first?
"I like the atmosphere. I love the coaching staff. Plus, (MSU signee) Michael Heard is my boy. I played on the other side of the ball with him. He was our other defensive end."

Tell me about Michael. Do you think MSU got a great one in him?
"Oh yeah. I know he should see the field (this year). He is very talented and high spirited, so he's not going to want to sit on the bench."

Getting back to the schools you mentioned as your top choices, you didn't mention Ole Miss as one of the schools that called you. How do they fit into your picture?
"My brother (Wayne Lomax) might transfer there."

What other schools is he looking at?
"NC State."

Thanks for talking to me, Jeremy.

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