Dalton Doing Work

With a few collegiate offers already under his belt, 2013 OT Patrick Dalton has his sights set on big-time college football. Between his advanced workouts and making the camp rounds, Dalton is ready to take on his senior season…and beyond.

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Standing 6'6 and weighing in around 350 pounds, Patrick Dalton can't be missed on a high school football field – and now, he's preparing for a much larger one.

"Right now, I'm just working out and preparing for my senior year," Dalton said of his summer plans. "I'm working very hard and waiting to see what happens."

Dalton's hard work has already earned the attention of Alabama State, Georgia Tech and Kentucky. "I'm continuing to visit schools this summer. I've been going to a lot of camps – just trying to gain exposure," Dalton said. "So far, I've been to Alabama State, Auburn and Mississippi State.

"[Mississippi State] camp was great," he said. "I learned a lot [in regards to] the collegiate level. I hope to use some of what I learned there on my high school team and to help me prepare for college."

Dalton's preparation includes continued camping this summer. "I have NUC [high school] camp this Sunday, and then I'll be visiting Georgia Tech in July," he said. "After that, I'll visit South Carolina."

As he works hard to gain exposure, Dalton is also working to gain strength and speed. "Workouts have been hard," he said of his summer routine. "I've been fighting through and I'm getting better.

"I'm working on my foot speed and my strength," he explained. "I've been working out with a trainer who has worked with a lot of college athletes. He has me running in the pool and doing a lot of resistance training. Honestly, it's very difficult; but after just a few weeks, I noticed a huge improvement in my foot speed."

While Dalton remains focused on the task at hand, he's also aiming high at the next. "This fall, I want to push my teammates to a state championship," he said. "But I'd also like to be offered by Alabama and Florida.

"My biggest dream would actually be Oregon…or at least to meet Chip Kelly face-to-face," Dalton admitted. "I saw great coaching in the Rose Bowl this year. I love that he has a little bit of Nick Saban in him, but he gets even more fired up. He always makes the right call.

"I'm working hard to get to that level," Dalton said. "Honestly, I'm getting a whole lot better."

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