Two at the Top

Pensacola, Florida defensive end Nate Crawford is thrilled with how his recruitment has gone so far. The rising senior holds double digit scholarship offers with serious interest from several other programs. A pair of SEC programs are jockeying for the lead spot heading into the beginning of the 2012 football season.

Nate Crawford profile

"I have about twelve or thirteen offers," said Crawford. "I have been offered by Louisville, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Missouri, Memphis, Marshall, Miami, FIU, South Florida and a few more schools.

"This summer I visited about ten schools. I went to Mississippi State twice and I went to Alabama, Auburn, UAB, Florida, Florida State and a couple of other places."

Crawford has done his research and learned as much as he can about the schools showing him serious interest.

A pair of SEC programs appear to be the most serious about him as well as a school from his home state of Florida.

"Mississippi State and Missouri are recruiting me the hardest and then South Florida is in there too," said Crawford. "I talk to Coach Wilson and Coach Mullen from Mississippi State about every two weeks or so.

"I am really starting to develop some chemistry with those coaches.

"I talk to Mizzou a good bit too and they seem to really want me to come up there and visit. I haven't been able get up there yet.

"South Florida has had some good things to say and I am looking forward to talking to them more."

Crawford reports that his most serious interest is in the programs that are the most serious about him.

While he denies a top school at the moment, the talented defensive end plans to continue the selection process well into the season if not beyond.

"I am hoping my official visits will help me find the right school," said Crawford. "I want to take all five of my visits, so I can be sure I find the right place.

"I want to see all of the good things about a school and I want to find the flaws.

"I don't want to make the wrong decision and end up somewhere that I don't feel at home.

"My academics and my playing would suffer if I was at the wrong place.

"I just want to write down the good and bad about every school after I take my visits and sit down with my coach, my mom and my grandparents and pick the right school."

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