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Monday Morning Coffee Break

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I talked to sophomore Jon Mungle and junior Steve Gendron last night. Both talked about where they stand with the teams that drafted them during the recent Major League Baseball Draft.

Jon Mungle...

Jon said he is, "working out and still negotiating," with the Brewers, the team that drafted him in the 23rd round. Jon went down to Huntsville, Alabama this past week to work out for the Brewers at their Double A park. Their national cross checker was there to watch him work out. Jon said, "we are still talking." In fact, he expected to receive a call from the Brewers last night but he wasn't sure what would come of that.

As of last night, Jon said, "it is probably 50/50 right now," as to whether he will come back to State next season.

Steve Gendron...

Steve, who was a 14th round draft pick of the San Diego Padres told me that, "(he and the Padres) haven't talked in three weeks." In fact, Steve said, "I'm going back to school unless they make some kind of ridiculous offer at the end of the summer." He appears to be so sure he will be back he said, "it's almost 100%." He is even taking summer school classes while he is home in Tampa."


Signees Academic Update...

No new news on MSU's signees. As of now, two signees are not going to qualify, Sandy Quinn and Rex Hill. Three others, Omarr Conner, Akeem Lofton and Rickey Wright, are still question marks.

All others have or will qualify.

NCAA Update...

Several people have emailed me asking what's the latest on the NCAA investigation of MSU. According to MSU Athletic Director Larry Templeton, MSU had not heard from the NCAA in several weeks.

While the NCAA recently interviewed several athletes (I believe football players) about illegal recruiting, those interviews, according to what I've heard, were not about MSU but about Ole Miss. It has been reported that Auburn and Georgia were also asked about, but I only know of Ole Miss, so I can't confirm or deny the Auburn and Georgia rumor.

As to the MSU investigation, based on what I'm hearing from several of my sources, the NCAA has been keying on such things as illegal contacts with recruits, former MSU commitment Ken Griffith and, earlier in the process, Tommy Kelly and Demetric Wright and, of course, the secondary violations that MSU voluntarily self-reported.

Based on talking to several sources, my feeling is the Griffith, Kelly and Wright portion of the NCAA investigation will very likely prove to be dead ends or very minor in nature. Of the illegal contacts, I believe they have been either self-reported by MSU or have been denied by the party accused of them.

While what I just wrote sounds good, I can't emphasize enough that there is no way for me - or MSU officials - to know everything that the NCAA may be looking into until MSU is either cleared by the NCAA or receives an Official Letter of Inquiry.


6-0, 175-pound freshman guard Billy Begley of Notre Dame Preparatory School in Fitchburg, Mass. will walk on at MSU this coming season. Begley is already on campus and attending school. He is originally from Henderson County (KY) but transferred to Webster County (KY) following his junior season.

Begley played in only 14 of Webster County's 28 games during his senior season because of injuries.

From there, he attended Notre Dame Prep to continue his basketball career.

Begley drew interest from Colgate, Holy Cross and Northern Kentucky following his year at Notre Dame Prep, but chose to walk-on at MSU because he wants to play in the SEC.

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Have a great Bulldog week!

Gene Swindoll

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