Lee Weiskopf Update

Gene's Page recently interviewed Columbia (MS) High School offensive tackle Lee Weiskopf (6-4, 295). Lee talked about what camps he has and will attend this summer and what schools are showing interest in him.

Lee Weiskopf Interview:

What schools are mailing you letters?
"Mississippi State and, as far as questionnaires, Yale and Princeton." [Lee is an exceptional student who will easily qualify (3.95 GPA, 23 ACT).-Gene]

What schools called you during the May evaluation period?
"Mississippi State."

What coach called you?
"Coach Campbell."

What was your impression of Coach Campbell?
"He was very personable and friendly. He told me what the deal was and why he was calling. I thought he was a nice guy."

What did he say he likes about you?
"He said he was looking for some big linemen; some nasty, hungry linemen who wanted to play. He told me that he will be looking at me this next year and wanted me to think about (MSU)."

Have you attended any camps this summer?
"I went to Ole Miss' senior camp."

Do you plan on attending any other camps?
"I'm going to Mississippi State's camp in July."

How would you describe yourself as a player?
"I am a very aggressive player who is a perfectionist. I hate to mess up and always want to make the correct block all the time."

Are you a team leader type player?
"Yes sir, I'm one of the team leaders."

Are you a fan of any particular school?
"Just about any SEC school."

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