Ellison's Four Includes Georgia Tech

The last time we talked to Harris County defensive limeman James Ellison he had plans to narrow his list to five schools. Ellison has now narrowed his list to four schools instead of five. Ellison hopes to make a decision after taking visits to each of those schools.

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James - who prefers to go by Jay - has not seen his recruitiment change much since the middle of the summer. "I am down to four schools, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Ole Miss, and South Carolina. I hope to make visits to each school to check them out more."

Ellison hopes to take official visits to each of the four schools on his list. "I know I want to see them from more than just a football perspective." Jay also wants his mom to see these schools.

Another option for Ellison will be to attend some game at the schools on his final list. Jay will try to schedule those visits around his high school games. "I am looking forward to attending some games to get a good feel how it is on game days at these schools."

How comfortable Ellison feels with the coaching staffs at each school will be one of the deciding factors in his decision. "I want a coach that will get the best out of me and coach me up." Ellison will also be looking at the atmosphere on each campus. "I really want a school where I feel comfortable. After all, I will be there for the next four or five years and it will be my home away from home."

Ellison will be contacting the coaches at two of the schools on his list. "I am going to call Coach (Charles) Kelly at Georgia Tech and the coaches at Auburn next week." Jay is anxious to see what they have to say and see how things are going.

Jay hasn't changed his original plans to make his college choice within the next two months. "I want to concentrate on my senior year as much as I can but also give a fair shot to each of the four schools." Ellison feels that time frame fits both of his wishes the best."

Ellison has noticed a few of the defensive lineman in the state of Georgia have made their decisions but he isn't letting that affect the way he goes about his recruitment. He still wants to choose the best school that fits what he is looking for and he has narrowed that down to a top four.

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