Shortridge gives Nebraska a "10"

There were pictures floating around on the Internet this weekend of Kyle Shortridge standing in front of the trophies that Ndamukong Suh won while he was in Lincoln. What did Shortridge say about his trip to Lincoln and when will the big comparison to Wake Forest happen?

Kyle Shortridge from Loxahatchee (Flor.) Seminole Ridge was back home last night in Florida and back out on the practice field today. Shortridge got home from his official visit to Nebraska last night.

"I got back last night," Shortridge said. "I also flew out to Nebraska on Friday since our game was canceled. I got a chance to hang out with the team on Friday, go to dinner and then to a movie."

Before the game on Saturday Shortridge said that he got a chance to look around at the campus, spoke to the coaches before they had to get into meetings and also took part in the tunnel walk. Shortridge said that some of the fans at Nebraska knew who he was.

"On Saturday before the game I got a tour of the campus and had a chance to talk with the coaches at Nebraska. The tunnel walk was good. There were a lot of fans there and some of them recognized who I was."

Nebraska won the game handily over Southern Miss, 49-20, and while the offense stood out the defense had a good performance as well. Shortridge said that he liked how Nebraska played on defense and could see himself fitting in there.

"I thought that Nebraska played good. I like how aggressive they are on defense. I think that I could see myself fitting in there with that style."

There is a picture of Shortridge holding Ndamukong Suh's Lombardi award on the Internet from the weekend floating around. Nebraska likes Shortridge to play the same position as Suh in Lincoln and that's where he thinks he fits in the best too.

"Nebraska likes me as a defensive tackle or the three-technique. That's where I think I fit in the best too at Nebraska."

The visit couldn't have been any better according to Shortridge. He gave the visit a perfect score on the visit and says that Nebraska is now high on his list of his favorite schools.

"It was a "10". It was just a great visit. I wouldn't have changed anything really, nothing was bad about it. Nebraska is high on my list of favorites."

This will be a big week for Shortridge. He will finally get a chance to get on the field and start his senior year after the hurricane canceled his game last week. Shortridge will also visit Wake Forest this weekend.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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