Prince Lewis Update

Gene's Page recently interviewed Prentiss (MS) High School senior tight end/defensive end Prince Lewis (6-5, 247, 4.5). Prince is another player that is not well known among recruiting analysts, but very well could be one of the best players in the state of Mississippi.

Prince Lewis Interview:

Have you attended any football camps this summer?
"No sir."

Do you plan on attending any?
"Yes sir, I'm thinking about USM and Mississippi State, but I'm not really sure right now."

What is your maximum bench press and squat?
"My maximum bench press is 350 and my maximum squat is 550."

What is your normal 40 speed?
"In the forty, it is a 4.5."

How are you doing in the classroom?
"I think I have a 3.4 or 3.5 (grade point average)."

What colleges are showing the most interest in you?
"Mississippi State, USM, Ole Miss, Air Force and Navy."

What schools called you during May?
"Ole Miss called."

What position are colleges recruiting you for?
"Defensive end."

What schools are you most interested in?
"Mississippi State, USM, Alcorn and Ole Miss. That's about it."

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