Bulldog Player, Coordinator Post-Game Quotes

RECEIVER CHAD BUMPHIS: What made your third touchdown work? "He (the cornerback) played it different that time, he went under so he gave me the top. So I took it over the top. It was a corner route and see how he rolled out."

Coach thought the throw would be for a first down, when did you realize the ball was coming to you? "When I saw the coverage. It was more like a two-coverage and the corner sat-down on Chris (Smith). So I had to win against just a safety."

When you caught the ball you bobbled it a little, what went through your mind on the replay? "I knew I had caught it, I just wasn't sure about my feet. I was just hoping my foot was in."

Did you know you're tied for first in receiving touchdowns? "I just heard. It's pretty exciting! I didn't do it all by myself though, you've got to give a lot of credit to the quarterback."

Do you feel you're on a roll with five touchdowns in three games? "Not really, I'm just doing what they ask us to do. They call us great plays and we just execute."

When State got the turnover and Tyler came right to you did you think this might work? "Yeah, he told me we were going to run it on the sideline. And the way their safeties played it was going to be open no matter when we ran it."

On the screen play that broke did you see it setting up immediately? "Yeah. I was looking for the kickout block on the sam linebacker, and he wasn't there! It was wide-open!"

There were several big dropped balls? "Yeah, the wide receivers did everything we could to lose it. we just have to keep our heads up because obviously they're going to come back to us and we're going to have to make plays down the road. Coach was just telling us to keep our heads up and when our number is called be ready to make a play."

Will this get your attention going into the next week? "Yeah. Of course we want the ball but after all those drops I don't know how easy it is going to be!"

"I think that had a lot to do with it, coming off a win against Auburn you get on campus and everybody is patting you on the back and telling you how well you played and you kind of lose focus. But I'm sure we'll get it back this week at practice."

You and Tyler do well when he's rolling out? "Yeah! Well, the first time I dropped it, I was kicking myself and he was mad and telling me just make a catch. The next time we ran it the safety played it totally different and gave me the top."

RUNNING BACK LaDarius Perkins: Q: It looked like last week except the holes were even bigger? "Yeah, the offensive line did a great job tonight by opening up the holes for me. And I just did what I can do, make a couple of plays and hit the hole."

Did you want to keep showing people you can carry the load? "Yeah, I mean coming into the season I worked real hard to get bigger, faster, stronger. And it's pretty much showing on the field right now."

Did you figure the last drive would be on you? "Yeah, people on the sidelines were saying get ‘em up out there. I felt like it was on me as far as making a play. The O-line did their job so I did my job also."

On the first snap of the last possession did you expect to make a big play? "Oh, yeah. I knew I had to score or break a long one. And I broke a pretty good one so we ran the clock out after that."

You seemed to get to the second level more and had moves for the safeties? "Coming into the game we knew we could pretty much dominate them up front. So I knew I was going to get to the secondary more. And when you get to the second level with defensive backs they always try to go for your legs and stuff like that, that's why they were diving a lot and hitting me low. I managed to get a few yards."

There were several big dropped passes and each time the ball came right back to you? "I mean, we just had a couple of miss-communications out there. It wasn't nothing big. Our receivers did pretty well, Chad caught three touchdowns tonight, Chris caught a couple of passes. We just have to keep getting better each week."

"I never thought about us losing. We came into the game, we knew it was going to be a hostile environment, they were saying this was the most people that came in a long time. We came out kind of flat but we picked it up. As long as we got a victory."

"But I promise we will not let that happen again. We'll come out up-tempo and start fast from now on. We won, Coach Mullen was just talking about in the past we had a lot of those games like that. But this time we got over the hump and won a big-time game."

CORNERBACK Darius Slay: The defense gave up a lot of yards but also made enough plays to win? "We made big plays out there, you know. But man, we didn't stop the ball, we didn't get the three-and-outs like we were supposed to be getting. But we're going to come on next week and get better."

Did it seem they were challenging you instead of going to Banks' side? "Yeah, I had to earn my respect. So that was what I was trying to do."

What did you see on the first interception? "I saw two-vertical, I knew they (would) throw vertical so I jumped them. I just out-jumped the other one."

The second interception did you think you had a hand under it? "Yeah, I got under the ball, I knew I had caught that one."

Were you nervous in the replay? "Nah, they didn't show it! It was like the ball found me. It was a hot-two play and it gave me a chance to get the ball."

What was it like trying to get people in and out as they were gashing you? "That's why it was hard. Because our defense is set for them to go sideways and they were doing it (straight ahead) on us all night. That didn't feel too comfortable, but we'll just get better."

"It's good because Mississippi State hasn't been 3-0 in a long time. But the thing we have to do is stay consistent and we'll be great."

COACH LES KOENNING: "When you can drop that many balls and still come out victorious, you've got a good football team."

It appeared Russell handled the drops with poise and kept going? "He sure did. He just kept on going. And that's what we expect. We're really proud of him."

"They've got a good football team, let's give them some credit. We had some young kids out there at times and when you do young things happen."

Was it your call after the two second-quarter interceptions to strike long immediately? "Oh yeah. They were giving us the opportunity to do that and we had to connect on them."

"The throw-and-catch Tyler and Chad had at the end of the game, I saw it and was like aaaahhhAAAAHHH! You kind of read it out and I think Tyler went out and the corner kind of baited him, where if he'd thrown it to Chris Smith it would have been a smash-boom type of catch. He got off him and had confidence, and Chad made the play."

Were you nervous during the replay? "I actually turned to the people next to me and said thumbs-up, thumbs-down? Nobody really could tell!"

COACH Chris Wilson: "It was bad, guys. We've got a lot to work on."

What did you think it was? "There were a lot of things wrong and it always starts with me and the staff. We knew the biggest thing we had to do was come out and eliminate the run game. The first two games we had been able to do that. We didn't tackle very well, we didn't fit our gaps very well and it showed. They were able to rush for over 200 yards. And they had balance all night long so it was a dog-fight from the second half on."

How much was lack of focus and how much was the offensive style? "You can say that, but you've got to give Troy a lot of credit. I mean a lot of teams have come in here and gone away 0-1. We talked all week they have a great system, they have a quarterback who knows what to do with the ball. And they out-executed us except for a couple of plays in the fourth quarter. We won in the fourth quarter. And at the end of the day, we won. That was the biggest stat."

"The biggest thing we have to do is go fix our issues. This is a humbling day. That's the great thing about this game, and really the great thing about our team. Who is to say two or three years ago we wouldn't have found a way to lose this game? These guys found a way to win, in a great environment.'

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