"It's Great To Teach Off A Win"

"What's the stats? Lots of yards given up. Terrible. Terrible, terrible. I tell you want, give them credit, they played hard. What a great atmosphere they had here tonight. Their student body did a great job filling up the stadium, trying to give them the home field advantage. So their fan base deserves credit. Because it was an exciting environment."

"You know what, I'm proud of our guys, we found a way to win. And when we needed to make a play, we made a lot of plays in the first half. We were kind of sloppy but made a lot of plays. We didn't play very well in the second half but when we needed to make plays made them. We got a big stop to hold them to a field goal, we were able to run out the clock. We got the touchdown when we needed a touchdown in the second half. So it was a pretty good day."

"But the story of the day, we didn't play very well on defense at all. We created some turnovers but did not play very well. They punted three times. Not very good at all on the defensive side. And I think we had seven, eight, nine dropped passes on offense. We're very fortunate, to play as poorly as we did and come out with a win."

On the fourth-and-four was it any decision at all to go for it? "We were going for a first down and it ended up being a touchdown! We'll take it! No, it was right there at the edge, they had been scoring so fast. We felt we had a good play called, we thought we could get it. I thought he was going to throw it to Chris (Smith) real quick and get the first down. Tyler kind of held on to it, and took the shot to Chad."

"I think Chad had three touchdowns today? A pretty good day. And Tyler, it's hard to fault Tyler. 11-of-26 is terrible, but I guess if you throw at least seven drops in there I mean he would have had a huge day if we caught the ball. So we've got to fix that. And it wasn't one guy, it was a host of characters, everybody took their turns."

You were rotating players to keep the defense fresh, but what was the problem? "I'm going to go sit with our staff, we're going to get that fixed. I don't think we played very well, we got out-coached and I don't think we had a very good play. And obviously we didn't put our guys in position to make plays. Watching it, I mean they had guys open all night, they had easy running lanes. That's a coaching issue an we'll get that fixed."

Perkins had a big night, you have to at least feel good about the run game? "Yeah. Again, we put up 457 yards and dropped a ton of passes. I'm disappointed with the offense, we're 4-of-14 on third downs. I think we had some missed protections, we had some bad checks, and we dropped some passes. But there are a lot of things we need to teach off of this film. And you know what? it's a great feeling to teach it after a win."

In the second quarter you were able to force turnovers and score immediately? "That was huge. I guess last week that was one thing I wanted to improve on, and we did it! So I coached that part up this week, I guess! Our staff did a nice job getting that coached-up! We've got a lot of other things we've got to get fixed, though."

How big were Darius Slay's picks in the first half when Troy was moving the ball? "I don't think we stopped them much in the first half, either. Those turnovers were really what turned the tide of the game for us and gave us the lead. And I think people are staying away from Banks a little bit. It's great having a guy on the other side that is tough to beat, too."

"I think Slay is really coming into his own that way. We know he has a lot of talent. I think having a guy like Banks across from him increases his level of play, you know. Because I'm doing bed-check 10:45 last night. They're roommates, and Banks is sitting there watching the game film, watching the routes of every receiver and going through it with Slay. So they're working together to be a great combination."

How close did you think Bumphis' last touchdown was to being overturned? "I got to see one clip of it on the replay board and that's all I get of it."

Were you holding your breath? "Oh, yeah! Heck yeah! But it's great, they confirmed it I guess? They had the call it was a touchdown. Chad had one drop still on the day, at a critical time. But he came up and made a bunch of big plays. Those are some pretty big numbers there, 180 yards and three touchdowns."

You got a complete game out of Justin Malone at right guard without playing Tobias Smith? "Absolutely. That will be a learning experience, a lot to learn from. And a lot of that was, we knew Tobias with his first game (Auburn) was sore all week. The trainers came in Thursday and said we're not sure. So with his history we shut him down. And we'll see how it goes this week. I imagine Tobias will be questionable this week again. We'll see how it hangs in there. He got that first game under his belt, he practiced some this week. But we've got to be careful and protect him that way until he is really confident."

You said early in the week you were concerned about guys getting patted on the back, that didn't seem to be the case. Was it the coaching? "You know, I do. I've got to watch the film. I do think whatever it was, you watch our performance; I don't think we tackled especially well. And dropping balls and that type of stuff, and a couple of silly penalties. That's patting yourself on the back. Those are the mental focus things that you can't lose sight of. And a couple of times tonight I think we lost sight of that. I think this will give us a renewed sense of urgency coming back to practice this week, getting ourselves focused again."

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