Hodge Still Looking Around

Mendenhall's Khaderal Hodge fought through an injury in the beginning of his season, and now he is back and ready to carry his team. The senior ATH talked with GoldenEaglePride.com tonight about his visit plans and the latest in his recruiting.

Khaderal Hodge of Mendenhall is a player the Eagles have been watching very closely over the course of his senior year. Listed as an athlete, the 6'1 talented senior can just about do it all.

He plays QB for his team, but also projects as a WR or even a defensive back at the next level.

He took a few minutes to update the latest with him tonight with GoldenEaglePride.com.

"Our team started off real slow but we have come a long way because we had a lot of things to learn," he updated us tonight.

"The first couple of games like the pre-season we didn't really know what to do, but we are getting it together now."

Though the season has almost reached the mid-point, Hodge feels like he is just getting started.

"I don't have many stats because I have been out for a few games due to injury," he said. "I came back the last two games. I am back to 100% and I threw a few TD's passes and have a couple of rushing TD's as well."

Hodge said he is still hearing from several schools right now.

"I still get letters from Louisiana Lafayette, and I am hearing from State, Southern Miss, and Ole Miss as well," he said. "I didn't make it in to see the game at Southern Miss but I am planning on coming to the game against Boise."

He said he has maintained a good relationship with the coaches at Southern Miss.

"I talked to Coach Buckley last weekend," he said. "He said he was still looking at me and they are very interested. He said to keep working hard and things will go well for me. Southern Miss likes me a lot."

Though he plays QB in High School, most schools see him at a different position.

"A few are looking at me as a QB but most see me as a receiver," he said. "Some also said they will give me the opportunity to be a free safety. I'd love to play QB, but I'll play receiver or safety if that is what it takes to play D1.

"I am not really favoring anyone right now, I just want to see how it goes."

His team goes up against Port Gibson tomorrow night, and Hodge said he is excited about the opportunity.

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