CoachSpeak: Davis on Coman and Samuel

Hargrave post graduate head football coach Troy Davis is one of the busiest men in football this time of year. In addition to coaching the Tigers, Davis spends a lot of time working to get his players on to the next level in in less than a semester in most cases. Factor in that college coaches are now on the road and it is easy to understand how taxing things can be for Coach Davis.

Davis took a few minutes away from everything to speak with FOXSportsNext about a pair of Mississippi State 2012 signees who are now part of his program.

Kivon Coman and Artimas Samuel moved from Alabama and Georgia respectively to Hargrave to earn their college eligibility.

"Kivon has done a good job for us," said Davis. "He is a starter for us at strong safety.

"We have worked with him a lot on tackling and being that safety that can come up and play in the box.

"I am working with him some now to get him to understand more about the concepts of man-to-man coverage."

Davis reports that Coman has made some strides since arriving on campus.

"His work ethic in his weight lifting class has been very good," said Davis. "He's getting stronger and a lot more cut up.

"I would like to see him get a little more flexible, but he's doing well."

Coman's roommate, Artimas Samuel, is also the subject of Coach Davis' praise.

"Artimas has done well so far," said Davis. "We are playing him as an H back or a tight end.

"We bring him in motion and get him out in the flats some.

"He was a receiver in high school, but he seems to really like that one-on-one match-up with the linebacker now."

Davis reports that Samuel has flourished during his time at prep school.

"I can say he's really bought into the program," said Davis. "He's a real big, athletic kid and he's doing a really good job for us."

Hargrave will take on a team from the Naval Academy this week, but he hosted some coaches who are interested in the progress of both Coman and Samuel recently.

"Mississippi State was here yesterday," said Davis. "They came up here just to check on them and they were real pleased with them.

"They are ready to get them down there in January and both of them are ready to finish up here in December."

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