CoachSpeak: Williams on Cooke

Logan Cooke of Columbia Academy has worked hard to have his name mentioned as one of the top kicking prospects in the country for the 2014 signing class. Cooke is more than just a kicker and punter. CA head coach Kenny Williams reports that Cooke is an all around athlete who can help out in a number of ways.

Logan Cooke profile

"Football wise he is a kicker, punter, wide receiver and defensive back for us," explained Coach Williams. "He plays basketball and baseball too.

"I wouldn't be shocked if some people don't take a gamble on him as a pitcher.

"He is pretty dominant on the mound.

"Basketball wise he is under the basket a lot. He has good reach and a good wingspan."

When it comes to the gridiron, Williams believes Cooke is a difference maker.

"He's a threat that a lot of people don't have," said Williams of Cooke. "He makes other teams have to drive the field 80 yards offensively and we can flip the field when we need to.

"That's just a threat other people don't have.

"It's been a joy to have a kid like him. He is a good Christian young man who works very hard.

"He is the kind of young man that people are going to want to recruit and the kind of young man you want on your team.

"He is a yes sir, no sir kind of kid and he will do anything you ask him to do."

Williams reports that Cooke's character is evident in activities on and off the field.

"Off the field he sets a real good example," said Williams. "He works all of the time.

"His parents raised him to work hard and sometimes I think he's just a workaholic."

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