Shumpert Attends Bulldog Win

The proverbial hay is pretty much in the barn when it comes to the Mississippi recruiting crop for the 2013 signing class. Only a few headliners remain. One of the top names still listed as "available" is Ashton Shumpert. The four star standout has made the rounds over the course of the past few months and seen lots of schools. This weekend he made a return trip to Mississippi State.

Ashton Shumpert profile

"I went to the Mississippi State game last night," said Shumpert. "It was another great game. It was a great atmosphere and the fans were all happy because they got another win and they're still undefeated.

"I had a real good time down there like I always do."

Shumpert reports that he was able to spend get some facetime with Bulldogs' running back coach Greg Knox.

"I got to talk to Coach Knox before the game," said Shumpert. "He was telling me pretty much the same stuff he always does and about how much they want me to come there.

"He told me he was real glad that I came and that he hoped I enjoyed the game."

While Shumpert continues to play his cards close to his vest, he admits that the Bulldogs have done a good job making him feel welcome.

"I like going down there," said Shumpert of Mississippi State. "I always have a good time when I go and I just feel like I am at home down there.

"The coaches always have something good to say."

Shumpert reports that he still has all suitors on an even playing field and that he is still open to all comers.

With just two games in the 2012 high school regular season remaining, Shumpert has his eyes trained on a run deep into the playoffs.

"We're doing pretty good," said Shumpert. "We have a rivalry game this week against Amory.

"That's always a big game. We're 8-0 and they're 8-1, so it should be a big game."

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