"Now It's About How We Respond"

TUSCALOOSA -- CAMERON LAWRENCE "Our goals are still reachable. But we've got to push forward and come to work Monday and get ready for Texas A&M."

Were the two first-half touchdowns breakdowns? "Just mental errors, not keeping proper leverage, not setting the edge on the run game, just simple things that we've done right all year long. And you can't do that against the number-one team in the country, they'll capitalize on it."

After the rough start the defense got into a groove? "I think it just took us realizing OK, these boys are the real deal, I mean they're here to play. We kind of re-gathered ourselves, gathered our focus and went back out there and knew what we had to do. Just kind of settle down and got all the first-play jitters out of our system and started playing our normal ball."

At 38-7, do you think the gap between the two teams is that big? "Not so much. Like I said, I feel we played our worst game and Alabama capitalized on all our mistakes. And they didn't make any mistakes where we could capitalize."

Alabama threw the ball a lot on the first three drives? "That's something they might have kind of caught us off-guard. Their offense coming into the game was 69% run. Them coming out throwing the ball was kind of a little adjustment for us."

"Like I said, they're the number-one team in the country. They're big up front, they're big in the backfield. Not taking anything away from them, they're a great team."

What do you do to bounce back for another SEC West opponent? "Up to this point we've handled success pretty well. Everybody patting us on the back, you know. And now it's all about how we're going to respond to a little adversity. We've got to come back Monday ready to work."

Is that a special burden on the captains? "It is. It is going to be our responsibility to make sure the young guys, even some of the older guys, (know) this game is over with, it's time to move forward."

The later game turnovers had to sting? "Definitely. I was telling Banks it's like we do a couple of good things, we'd get a sack, get them in third and long, and kind of just take a stab to the heart, you know. Some penalties, the punt that hit one of our players, just stab to the heart really. You get a little momentum and something like that happens, it's a momentum breaker."

Was there any lack of communication out there? "I don't know if it was communication, or just poor execution. Things we've done right all year long we didn't do it on certain plays and Alabama capitalized. That's why they're good, they wait for you to make a mistake and they jump."

Johnthan Banks "They came out ready, they were prepared for us. Whatever we did on defense they had an answer for. I tip my hat to those guys, they came out and played hard and did what they needed to get the job done."

Did choosing to give Alabama first show faith in the defense? "Yeah. I mean, it's football, ain't nobody out there superman, we ain't scared of nobody. That's it."

The defense settled down after the first three touchdowns, did anything change? "We just went out and played our defense the way it was supposed to be played."

What went wrong on the 57-yard touchdown pass? "I mean, just busted coverage. That's it."

How much responsibility is on the captains this week to get the team back on course? "I mean it ain't going to change. This team knows. We know we have to come out this week and work even harder and get back to what we were doing."

How good is Alabama? "They're number-one for a reason. They don't make mistakes, they've got a really good quarterback, and their defense played hard. I haven't played a team like them since I've been in college. A.J. McCarron, I've got so much respect for the kid, he gets that team going. He managed the offense, and he made no mistakes. He makes great decisions, I mean he's a NFL quarterback I think."

Your quarterback took a pounding tonight? "Tyler did what he could for us. He's a really good football player, too. But we just have to get back to practice and get to work."

Tobias Smith How demoralizing was the first drive, not scoring? "It's hard to drive the length of the field on any good team like that, and to see the field goal blocked was kind of demoralizing. But I knew we still had a lot of football left to play. And we made mistakes on a great team and they capitalized on what didn't do."

Did their defense show anything you had not seen? "No, they just played with good technique and did exactly what they were told to do. And they waited on us to make mistakes and they pounced on those."

What do you need to do differently for A&M? "We definitely need to protect Tyler better and keep him clean. If we do that I think it will be a different outcome."

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