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Kivon Coman was one of Alabama's top defensive back prospects for the class of 2012. After signing with Mississippi State, Coman enrolled at Hargrave Military Academy to complete the requirements necessary to pass the muster of the NCAA clearinghouse. While it to some time to get used to, Coman believes his time away from home has helped him mature as a player and as a person.

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"Things have going pretty good lately," said Coman. "The season is going pretty good and I am doing pretty good.

"I feel like I am a better athlete and a better person after coming here.

"I was homesick at first, but I feel like God placed me here for a reason and I have made the best of it."

Coman has learned to more independent and self sufficient over the course of the past two months.

"I have learned to take care of myself," said Coman. "I was missing home and all of that at first, but when I go to Mississippi State I am not going to be at home either.

"I realized that I couldn't really be homesick. I just had to be a man about everything and do what I had to do to get where I want to get."

The three star standout reports that he has in regular contact with the folks at Mississippi State.

"I talk to Beniquez (Brown) every day," said Coman. "I have been talking to Coach (Melvin) Smith about once a week.

"They are talking about me playing safety, but Coach Smith said they are going to move me around to see where I fit and just wherever they have a need.

"I will play kicker if that is what they want. I am just ready to be a Bulldog and I am wiling to do whatever I have to help the team."

Coman will make a return visit to Starkville in a few weeks as he and three Hargrave teammates take an official visit.

"They are talking about us coming in there on December 1st and 2nd," explained Coman. "Me, Artimas (Samuel), Tarell Basham and Sunny Odogwu are going down there.

"Mississippi State hasn't offered Tarell yet, but he is hoping that they do.

"I have been talking to Sunny a good bit about Mississippi State and he's been talking good about them. I think he might go there.

"He's Nigerian, so all of this is like a different world to him. I think it would help him if he went to Mississippi State because he would already know me and Artimas."

Coman reports that he is looking forward to showing his teammates around his future school.

"I am going down there and looking to show them a good time," said Coman. "I already know where I am going and what I am going to do.

"Nothing is going to change my mind. I am just trying to help those guys get to Mississippi State too.

"I am excited about getting down there. They are having a great season and I am disappointed that I am not there to enjoy this with them.

"I know I am proud of them and I am looking forward to being with them they next four years."

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