"They Executed And We Didn't"

BATON ROUGE -- WIDE RECEIVER CHAD BUMPHIS: Are you satisfied with your big night? "I guess. Just doing whatever I can to help us come out successful, which we came up short. But I'm doing whatever they ask me to do."

How good was Russell's passing tonight? "Tyler is real smart, he has a great understanding of the offense. And coach has a lot of trust in him to make sure we're in the right play."

After the last two weeks did the offense take some steps forward? "Yeah, I think most of it came from this week in practice. We had a good week of practice, everybody went out and practiced hard and it showed in the effort part. We just have to execute better."

What made the difference tonight on offense? "I think it's got a lot to do with Tyler and the ball placement. We've got lot of trust in him, and he's reading the defenses and putting the ball where it needs to be."

Take us through your touchdown? "It was a corner route, and it was man-to-man. So Coach Koenning told me this week if we wanted to be successful we had to win man-to-man coverage. That was man-to-man and I beat it."

QUARTERBACK Tyler Russell: Was the plan to throw quicker and run shorter routes to beat the LSU pressure? "Yeah, that was our gameplan. We felt like some of their players are pretty good rushing the passer, so we did some things to try to get the ball out quick. And it was effective. Unfortunately they made more plays than we did and sometimes that happens. I felt all our guys fought to the end. Sometimes you can fight as hard as you want and not win a game. If you take anything good out of that, I'm proud of our offense and the defense for not giving up."

After the last two weeks was the goal to start better? "We knew to start off quick. Once we started off quick as far as the offense, the defense stepped up and made plays for us. And they did that all night. Unfortunately we weren't able to put the ball in the end zone like we needed to on key drives. You get the ball down there, you have to score against people like LSU in the SEC."

Talk about the night Chad Bumphis had? "All the receivers did an amazing job catching the ball, and the tight ends. As far as LaDarius (Perkins) not playing tonight, I felt the running backs did an outstanding job too. And the offensive line did a good job all night. So like I said, if you take something out of it good I felt like everybody played hard and they left it all out there on the field."

You looked much more comfortable tonight? "I put so much time into watching film this past week. I knew what they were going to do before it even happened, so it was just go out there and take control and make plays. And we were able to do that at times."

OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR LES KOENNING: This week you came out with Tyler Russell throwing and making plays early? "He put the ball in the right spots, the receivers made the plays. That's part of moving the ball."

Russell seemed to be in rhythm this game? "We did. We had a good week of practice, the kids were bouncing around, the confidence was high going into the game. Hard work always pays off."

Was this a much better performance for him? "We put a lot on him this game. He had some checks and he really did a nice job getting us in the right plays and putting the ball in the right spots. And when you a quarterback that can do that you're proud of what he can do."

How much did not having LaDarius Perkins hurt the offense? "Well, obviously he's done a really good job. Not having Perk is a big deal for us. We need to get him well and get him back on the field. I'll be a lot happier!"

After getting within 20-17, State has two punts and LSU scores twice, did the momentum shift there? "I don't know about shifting, we missed on a third down conversion. It was third and short and it was tough when you miss on it. Those are the ones that hit you and get you. In big ball games like this it doesn't matter what you say or do, everything is magnified. Every little thing become a really, really big thing. And you have to execute at a high level and you can't make mistakes."

Is the better passing game a good sign? "The receivers did a nice job. Again, as much thumbs-up as you, we're in it to win and that would give the biggest thumbs-up. But those are things we're proud of what we did."

CORNERBACK Johnthan Banks: What did you see happening at the end of the second quarter? "I mean, we just got the wrong check. LSU caught us in a bad play, in busted coverage. They found it and they made a play."

Was there a problem with covering slot receivers and backs? "They executed and we didn't. And that was about it."

"When you do that stuff against good teams they're going to capitalize on it. We've got to get back to the drawing board on Monday and fix our mistakes and get ready for Arkansas."

LSU's Landry had a big first half, what adjustments contained him in the second half? "He's a good football player. But most of the catches he caught were on mistakes we made. But he's pretty good, no disrespect to him but most of the stuff he got we gave him mistakes."

The defense did keep LSU's rushing under control? "Our d-line and linebackers came to play tonight. I mean they had a really good game, the effort was there. We made mistakes and they didn't. So we've got to get back to the basics."

RUNNING BACK Nick Griffin: What helped the offense improve form the last two weeks? "We're getting better as a whole unit. The o-line and the running backs all together, we're executing better than we have the last couple of weeks."

Did it hurt not having LaDarius Perkins? "It hurts not having your star player out there. But we just got to step up as a team and execute without (him)."

When did you know he wasn't playing? "It was a game-time thing."

Did you expect to start sometime Wednesday? "I was expecting it but I wasn't sure. I'm still going to come out with my same work ethic and work hard every day. You never know."

How did the offensive line perform? "They did a great job this game, as a unit they stepped up."

What made LSU's defense tough to run on? "They're a pretty good defense. We came out and executed pretty good but none of that matters if we don't get that W."

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