Ryan Turman Turkey Day Q&A

Dawgman.com spoke Sunday with Interlake athlete Ryan Turman, who talked in-depth about a recent unofficial visit to Washington that helped solidify his choice to walk-on and play for the Huskies next year as a receiver. While the rest of us were enjoying a holiday with friends and family, the Huskies were getting ready for the Apple Cup - and Turman got a chance to see it up close and personal.

Did you get a chance to go over to see the Apple Cup? - No I couldn't, I went to the Bellevue (playoff) game. But I watched it all on TV…I'm still not changing my mind about my decision with UW though. Everyone has off games. That was just one of those games. Penalties didn't go their way at all either and that killed the momentum a few times. Plus that unofficial visit was amazing. I must say I can't wait till next year…Huskies are on the rise and it's gonna be hard to stop us once we get going.

When did you unofficially visit UW? - Thanksgiving… I was there for about 3 hours. And they said I needed to meet the NCAA minimums and Made sure I was cleared by the clearinghouse which I am, and I'm almost done with the application so everything is looking perfect.

What did you do on your visit? - I got there at about 9:30, and we went to special teams meetings, then I went to offensive meetings, and then to the receivers meetings. The energy level was amazing. And being in meetings with (UW Receivers) coach (Jimmie) Dougherty and those receivers was really cool too.

What did you learn about how they do things via the meetings? - I learned everything is focused and they are getting better but having fun while doing it. They have players get the team hyped at random points in time and even the coaches are energetic. Plus it's just a sense of a true family in there. Everyone is nice. I talked to two players from my receiving group that changed a lot. Jaydon Mickens was the first and he helped me feel at home and he is a very funny but hard working guy. And then before we went to practice, Kasen (Williams) came up to me in the locker room. This was the part that absolutely sealed everything for me. We started talking and he is the most humble guy I've met. He is really nice and he made me feel like I was a part of the family. I asked him why he chose UW and he told me because of his father and he said because "this program is on the rise and Sark is only taking us to the top." I could not of agreed more, and this is when I knew that UW is where I wanted to be. Then at practice everyone was hyped and flying around and having fun but getting the work done.

Any other highlights of the visit? - Just talking to their coach who does the official visits and he said I am going to love it and also seeing Devon Blackmon from Oregon there was pretty cool as well. Hopefully he comes to the right place as well. I know I am.

What did you and Blackmon talk about? - Well it was quick but he just said he's down for the weekend and he's liked it so far and he seems to have a good relationship with some of the players. I think he is leaning toward UW.

What did the coaches talk to you about? - They all were excited that I came down. And they said I would get a feel for what a walkthrough before the rivalry game feels like. They told me I'm still gonna be playing receiver and coach Dougherty had all the receivers introduce themselves to me since we are going to be future teammates.

When are they trying to bring you in on an official visit? - We're still set on taking an official in December. I will know when once their bowl game is announced. One of their coaches said it might be on the 7th but were not set on a date yet.

Will you try and take a visit the same weekend as Myles Jack? - That's what we're hoping. We're just waiting for a date to be set.

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