Harrell reflects on junior season

T.J. Harrell won't sign his letter of intent until 2014, but he already has double-digit offers. The 2014 athlete of Tampa Catholic (Tampa, FL) says schools like his versatility, and he just loves playing the game. Get the latest on Harrell right here.

T.J. Harrell plays mostly outside linebacker and running back for Tampa Catholic, and he's got interest from schools at both positions. He's already got offers from Georgia, Florida, UCLA, Michigan State, Houston, and more, and he says coaches are attracted to his versatility.

"(They like) that I'm a hybrid. A lot of coaches don't know what they want me as, when they do ask me, I always tell them the same thing. I just want to play the game of football, I can play any position, any time of day, I'm always going to be dominant at any position I play," Harrell said.

The 6-foot, 180-pound junior says his game improved a lot last season, especially at the running back position.

"It was pretty good, it was my first year playing offense and I felt like I really stood out. It's just a process, it's more of a team thing. As a team, we did better than a lot of people expected so I think it was a good year," he said.

"(I improved) my quickness. Usually I was just a straight-up runner, just trying to run people over. This year I feel my vision (has improved), I see the holes better and the game just slowed down a little more."

Plenty of schools are giving the versatile athlete interest, but right now he has no early favorites.

"I still haven't gone out of the state yet to visit all of those schools giving me interest, so no one's really standing out yet," he said.

It'll be hard for Harrell to take visits anytime soon because of his track schedule, but Gainesville is only about two hours away, so he hopes to visit Florida in the near future.

"Florida's always going to be that one in-state school that I'm going to go see, so I'll probably visit Florida a couple of times," he said.

Harrell has kept his eye on some college teams this past season, and two have really made an impression with their play.

"Florida really stood out a lot, Notre Dame really stood out. Notre Dame opened a lot of eyes and Florida did too – bouncing off of that season they had," he said.

"The (Florida) defense is just ridiculous. It was down, dirty, and nasty for a lot of the games that they played. They showed a lot of character, they showed a lot of intensity on the field and passion. They're pretty nasty."

Harrell's offer list is sure to keep growing, he says there's a few schools that could offer him soon.

"Probably going to be Indiana, Alabama, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, quite a bit of them."

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