Mississippi All-Star: Scott Austin

Scott Austin committed to Mississippi State back during the summer months. Since that time Austin's commitmend has been unwavering. Austin is doing his part to represent his home state this week down in Montgomery, Alabama as the All-Stars from Mississippi get ready to battle their counterparts from Alabama.

Scott Austin profile

"It's been pretty interesting," said Austin of the week. "There is a lot of competition out there on the field.

"We are all working hard everyday and doing what the coaches tell us."

Austin reports that he has become fast friends with several of the players.

"There is a lot of talent out here," said Austin. "I have enjoyed playing with my boy Derrick Jones and Chris Jones has been fun to watch.

"The defense has been doing really good.

"It took the offense a day or two to get settled, but we're doing really good now."

Austin was able to see his future head coach on Wednesday evening at a steak dinner at a local country club.

"Coach Mullen told us to always strive farther for our academics," said Austin. "He set if you do that it will help you after football.

"It was real good. I am going up there to see them on my official visit on January 18th."

Austin reports that the team has worked had to learn the scheme and to impress the coaches, but at the same time they want to be sure they have something left for Saturday.

"We've been smart about everything," said Austin. "We stay hydrated and we are sure that our bodies aren't beat up or anything.

"I feel like we're doing pretty good and that we're going to be ready for Saturday."

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