T'was the Night Before…

We continue with our annual celebration of the holidays and of the Gator Spirit that thrives during this time of year. We have a wonderful conglomeration of people that are a part of our business and our subscription base and we would like to take this time to than each and every one of you for sharing your year with us. It was a great year to be a Gator and many more are expected.

So, here we go…

T'was the night before, and all through Hogtown,
The Gators were still beaming from the pride they had found,
From a team that accomplished more than they should,
At the end they were great, not just good.

The schedule was littered with a carcass or 10,
Two Gamecocks, some Tigers, Wildcats, and a Heisman.
The Gators never made it look easy, a few heart pains they caused,
But at the end of the day we had to pause.

For they started out strong and muscled their way,
To an 11-1 record and powering through everything in their way.
They muscled up front and showed Les how it was done,
Then the Ole Ball Coach got caught up in the fun.

At the 12th hour a date loomed in Tally you see,
A game not meant for the faint heart to see.
The mighty Noles came huffing and puffing their chest,
The Gators went in and did it like the rest.

They set the tone early and made the Noles look silly,
Then they coasted along and gave them a cheap thrill.
The Noles were convinced they found the magic key,
The Gators knew it was but a fan-ta-sy.

Lying in the weeds until the fourth quarter tilt,
The Gators waited around until some blood was spilt.
Then it was over almost as fast as started,
The stars aligned correctly and the Noles left broken hearted.

Muschamp was grinning from ear to ear,
A guy who's team was pathetic his first year,
Was on the brink of a chance to play for it all,
But alas, it was not to be, yet still a great Fall.

He's built it his way and rather quick,
Shaken the roots of the program more than the belly of St. Nick.
He's building a program to be the best,
With recruiting and coaching he's passed all of the tests.

Now another month and a half until the Gators will sign,
A monumental class of about 29.
The boys will have stars all over the place,
And some not quite known yet, but here's a taste.

A strong armed QB, is already in the fold,
He'll throw to five wideouts including some uncovered gold.
A third back looks quite likely as the Gators need more,
Three Florida kids to help the boys score.

The hosses up front are second to none,
Could it be possible to add an extra one?
They absolutely will on defense and you may be surprised,
At just who they add maybe not who you surmised.

The linebackers look set, but you never know,
The coaches aren't holding all their cards yet to show.
The secondary no doubt there is one left to get,
It won't be a chump, but absolutely legit.

This staff we have seen what they've done with young guns,
With this much talent they'll sure have some fun.
Once the offense catches up to Muschamp's ‘D',
Those heart pains we felt will be his-tor-y.

So I hope you awoke after a calm peaceful night,
Knowing that things were going to work out right.
And head to New Orleans with a friend and a beer,
Cuz this team is going to give you lots to cheer.

With this we leave you and hope your holiday is great,
The best fans on the planet there is no debate.
A prosperous New Year is what we wish for you,
And many more championships in the next few (years).

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