UA Game: White Team Pos. Rankings

ORLANDO, Fla. - After watching three full practices, the Scout team has ranked the players by position at the Under Armour All-America game.


1. Shane Morris - Michigan Commitment
2. Kevin Olsen - Miami Commitment
3. Brice Ramsey - Georgia Commitment

Why Morris: The southpaw out of Michigan had a strong day two and three and while he is known for the strong arm, he showed great touch this week.

Running Back

1. Keith Ford - Committed to Oklahoma
2. Ryan Green - Committed to Florida State

Why Ford: Ford is an every down back and he worked as a kick-off return man too. He ran with good balance and he showed solid hands this week.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

1. Robbie Rhodes - Committed to Baylor
2. Laquon Treadwell
3. Marcus Baugh - Committed to Ohio State

Why Rhodes: This receiver has a great burst when he gets the ball and he is a big play kid. He is over six feet tall, he receives the ball well, and he was solid every day.

Offensive Lineman

1. Cameron Hunt - Committed to California
2. Ira Denson - Committed to Florida State
3. David Dawson - Committed to Michigan

Why Hunt: Hunt was a very consistent this week against a very good defensive line. He bends well, he was stable as a run blocker and in pass protection.

Defensive Lineman

1. Carl Lawson - Committed to Auburn
2. Chris Jones - Committed to Mississippi State
3. Dee Liner - Committed to Auburn

Why Lawson: Lawson was almost impossible to slow down off the ball, much less stop. He has a quick first step, he plays very low, and he was an elite end all week.


1. Reuben Foster
2. Kendell Beckwith
3. Trey Johnson

Why Foster: Why not? This kid has dropped some weight, he is playing fast, and although he has been able to fully unload the big hits this week, he has covered well, and moved well in space.

Defensive Back

1. Shaquille Wiggins - Committed to Georgia
2. Max Redfield
3. Artie Burns - Committed to Miami

Why Wiggins: There was very little success against Wiggins this week. His size hurt him a couple of times against Treadwell, but other than those instances, he was locking receivers down. He has quick feet, very loose hip, and elite short space quickness.

Amy Campbell, John Garcia, Jr., Bill Greene, Jason Higdon, Yancy Porter, Chad Simmons, and Geoff Vogt contributed to this feature.

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