Coach's Corner: Davon Godchaux and more

Plaquemine head coach Paul Distefano is very excited about his 2013 squad. He discusses next season and which players he expects to step up for the Green Devils, including two college prospects.

After a 6-5 season in 2012, the Plaquemine High School football program is gearing up for what they hope to be a very successful 2013 campaign. Coach Paul Distefano definitely has a lot to be excited about heading into next season. Distefano explained that Plaquemine has their two biggest playmakers returning as seniors, and they will be relied upon heavily once the spring football begins. While the Green Devils have a lot of players returning next season, coach Distefano did not hesitate when he was asked who he expects to be the main leader for his team in 2013.

"Davon Godchaux is going to be a huge leader for our squad," said Distefano. "He is not only a good player, but when Davon leads people follow. He also has incredible work ethic and just makes everyone else around him better. He's just a great kid."

The 6-4 245 pound Godchaux finally understands what it takes to be a leader and a playmaker on defense. Distefano explained that since his arrival at Plaquemine his main focus has been showing Godchaux that he is a playmaker and can always better himself, on the field and in the classroom.

"I always talk to him about being a difference maker," said Distefano. "It's hard to do sometimes on the d-line because of double-teams. He is a great athlete and he's got the body that a lot of colleges are looking for. He's just trying to get his ACT score up right now."

While most consider Godchaux to be a defensive end at the college level, Distefano has a differing view. Distefano explained that Godchaux will be a very versatile player when he gets to the next level, something he has already been preparing the standout prospect for.

"He prefers to play end and rush the quarterback," said Distefano. "I think at the next level, he will be an inside player because of his frame. He could easily put on 40 pounds, and we play him at multiple positions as well. I think that if he goes to a big time SEC school he will play inside."

With Godchaux heading to LSU this weekend for the Boys from the Boot Junior Day, he is already considered by the Tiger staff to be a difference maker on the defensive line. What has become somewhat of a mystery is when or if Godchaux will get an official scholarship offer from LSU.

Even though he doesn't currently hold an offer from the Tigers, Distefano believes that Godcahux would love to stay in-state to play his college football. Distefano also believes that he will have plenty of options when it comes time for Godchaux to decide on a school.

"I'm not sure when he is going to get the LSU offer," said Distefano. "There were rumors that LSU was going to offer last season. I know it was really frustrating for him last summer at camp that he didn't get an offer."

"I'm an LSU graduate so I would be really happy for him to get that LSU offer. He's got a couple of offers already like UL Lafayette. I really think he would like to stay local."

Given the fact that Godchaux has an opportunity to become a national recruit in the near future, Distefano explained that the Green Devils have other playmakers that have a good shot at playing at the next level.

"Julius Maracalin has been a starter since he was a freshman," said Distefano. "He was a two-way starter until he hurt his knee this season. He is our running back and he also plays some safety and corner for us. He is a guy that will be a pretty big recruit, as he as already garnered a lot of interest from colleges."

While Plaquemine has other playmakers, Distefano believes that the 5-9 190 pound Maracalin will be their go-to guy on offense.

"Other than Maracalin, there aren't too many guys that we have to get the ball to in our offense," said Distefano. "He will touch the ball 20-plus times per game and he will be very effective for us."

While he has a player like Maracalin on offense, Distefano explained that he is most excited to see his defense in action next fall. Top to bottom, Distefano feels that his defense will be much improved in 2013. He also explained that one laymaker from the offensive side will probably step up to take a position on defense as well.

"Our strength is the defensive line with Davon anchoring it," said Distefano. "They will have a lot of pressure taken off of them this year because our linebackers will be very improved. We have some holes at corner, but we have guys. Inside linebackers and our defensive line are definitely our strengths. Maracalin may play some defense too, just because we need him on the field."

Aside from having a couple of college prospects on his squad, Distefano is excited about the 2013 season, his second at the helm for the Green Devils. Many things cause the excitement, but Distefano is looking forward to coaching his players because they now know the system.

"I'm excited about it because last year was a whole new coaching staff," said Distefano. "We went out in the spring last year and didn't even know the names of the kids. This year will be a lot better because the kids will know what to expect from us. Defensively, we will be great."

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