Michigan visits D.J. Calhoun

El Cerrito (CA) High is on the Michigan coaching staff radar as they visited 2014 LB/SS D.J. Calhoun last Monday along with teammate Adarius Pickett. D.J. tells GBW why he likes Michigan and what they think about him along, with if he and Adarius have talked about attending college together.

2014 prospect D.J. Calhoun has an idea of what position he would like to play in college since he loves to come up and make a hit.

"I would like to play middle linebacker," he told GoBlueWolverine. "I need to grow a little more -- I am 6'0 200 lbs so it has been discussed about me possibly playing strong safety. Going out on the field and just hitting someone, no one can hit like me. Ray Lewis is who I try and play like, and I am not afraid to hit anything or anyone out on the football field."

With that attitude it is no wonder that colleges are coming after this hitting machine. Michigan was just in his school last week, and has contacted him on the phone to get a feel of how he feels about them.

"I like Michigan's education as well as their football tradition," Calhoun said. "I like how well their defense plays together out on the field. Coach Ferrigno talked with me about how much they would like to have me there. He feels I can be a great football player at Michigan with the speed that I have. Most likely Michigan will be one of my visits coming up."

Calhoun has offers from UCLA, Nebraska, Boise State, Arizona State, Washington and Utah. He is enjoying the attention but he is looking for certain things in a college as the process narrows to pick a school.

"I am open to all schools at this time, but I am looking for a school that I can get a good education from. I am looking for a school that has a family atmosphere along with good coaching."

There has been some conversation between D.J. Calhoun and his teammate Adarius Pickett about attending college together, and it is not just talk.

"Yeah me and Adarius talk about attending college together, we find out what schools are looking at us and we discuss it. We talked about going to high school together since we were nine years old, and now we are looking at going to college together -- so it is a possibility for that to happen."

D.J. also had the opportunity to attend the Army All-American combine and enjoyed everything that it had to offer.

"I had the chance to play against some of the top players in the country. I look at it as a great experience to continue to work hard to get better."

Calhoun plans on going to more combines and camps and then making visits to some of the schools on his list, and according to him Michigan will probably get one on those visits.

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