Flyin to the Hoop: Top Performers

It was a huge weekend of action at Flyin to the Hoop, and some of the best players in the nation lived up to their billing. Also a few surprises stood out over the course of four days.

Size: 7-7/185 |
Quick Take: Jackson is a five-star prospect for a reason, and he showed it in two games where he was absolutely dominant. While he can still not attack enough, when he did he was impossible to stop. Jackson has the best mid-range game in the class from the wing position, and was an efficient scoring machine. If he continues to be assertive all of the natural ability will take over and his game will continue to get better.

Recruiting: North Carolina, Arizona, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Washington, Virginia

Size: 6-5/184 |
Quick Take: Kennard matched Jackson bucket for bucket in their head-to-head matchup and showed why he is one of the top prospects in the 2015 class on the wing. He is a very good shooter, and is excellent at attacking and making things happen when going left. Add in that Kennard showed toughness by rebounding the ball, and it was a complete effort for the talented wing who led his team to a solid win.

Recruiting: Ohio State, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina, Kentucky, Louisville, Xavier, Dayton

Size: 7-9/215 |
Quick Take: Bell has been injured a lot during his high school career and is a virtual unknown to most, but the bottom line is the kid has a ton of ability and he put it on display. Bell came down with a double-double and showed high level athleticism with his good size. He is still raw, but he is coming along. Without him Garfield Heights doesn't win their game, and the sky is the limit for Bell.

Recruiting: Cleveland State, Xavier, Ohio State, Dayton, DePaul

Size: 7-6/200 |
Quick Take: Logwood was solid on the offensive end and led La Lumiere on that end of the floor, but it was his defense that was so impressive. Logwood is one of the best perimeter defenders in the country, and showed it in a huge win over Huntington Prep. Also Logwood took over in the second half when his team needed him against Trotwood. He still needs to work on his handle and his jumper, but his size, athleticism, and toughness were on full display and Logwood made a statement with his play.

Recruiting: Purdue, Michigan State, Xavier, Auburn, Indiana State, Dayton

Size: 7-9/210 |
Quick Take: Diallo is just now beginning to figure out how good he is. Though his team had some trouble, Diallo was excellent. He is a near elite shot blocker and athlete, and he has some skill as well. Diallo can handle the ball a little bit, has a decent touch out to about eight feet, and is wants to dunk everything that he can. As Diallo gets stronger and more experienced he could develop into one of the premier players in the class.

Recruiting: Syracuse, Pittsburgh, St. John's, Cincinnati, Arizona, Villanova, Georgetown, Virginia, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Oregon, DePaul, West Virginia

Size: 7-7/190 |
Quick Take: When Mickey is on his game he is impressive to watch, and over the weekend Mickey definitely was focused and productive. A super athletic player with very long arms, Mickey controlled the paint on defense with blocked shots and then was dunking things home and scoring in the lane on offense. Best of all Mickey didn't try to float on the wing and try things he isn't capable of doing. He was Prime Prep's best scorer and rebounder on the weekend, and overall was excellent showing why he was such a highly touted recruit.

Recruiting: Signed with LSU

Size: 6-5/195 |
Quick Take: Mudiay didn't have huge scoring numbers, but the five-star point guard dominated when he had to, and did it usually by passing and making plays. Now Mudiay did mix in two of the best dunks you will ever see, but it was his complete command of the offense that was so impressive. Once Mudiay decides he wants to be Russell Westbrook and dominate games that is when his talent will completely take over, but for now even though he takes possessions off he is still very good.

Recruiting: Kentucky, Baylor, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, SMU

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