Bassett Talks Missouri Visit

Missouri official visitor Dawson Bassett was among the official visitors this past weekend to check out the Tigers football prgram. The Oklahoma native shares his thoughts on how things went and what the future holds next.

The Missouri Tigers hosted thee official visitors this past weekend. One of which was Tuttle (OK) TE Dawson Bassett 6-foot-4 214 pounds 4.6 forty. spoke with Bassett following his return from his visit.

"I have a great time,"said Bassett. " It was even more then I expected. The campus was amazing, the academics I saw were amazing. I was nervous when I got there since I didn't know what to expect. My host was Evan Boehm, and he made me feel really comfortable. We hung out a lot with Sean Culkin and both guys were a lot of fun to hang out with. We also met up with other players like Maty Mauk and some others. They showed me where they liked to hang out and what college life was like there."

The Oklahoma prospect talked about his time spent with the Tiger coaches and what Coach Pinkel had to say to him at their meeting.

"I spent a lot of time with Coach Henson. Obviously I know him well, but he talked about how I would be used if I came up here and that he likes me and hopes I come to Missouri. I also met Coach Washington, Coach Hill and was really impressed with Coach Ivey. Coach Pinkel said that they like me and that they would be meeting as a staff this week to discusss what they would be doing as far as an offer goes,"said Bassett.

I asked Dawson about the possibility should an offer arrive?

"I think it's a pretty good chance I commit then. I can honestly say that there were no negatives on my visit regarding the school or football program." will follow Dawson Bassett's situation to see if Missouri does extend an offer

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