Booth likes Michigan's "straight" approach

2014 Indianapolis Pike (Ind.) wide receiver Dominique Booth recently had a chat with Michigan assistant Curt Mallory. Booth talks to GBW about the discussion, his visit schedule, and what's next between he and the Wolverines.

Dominique Booth is just a few months away from announcing a spring commitment to the school of his choice. With that in mind, and with the class of 2013 nearly over with, Booth has a list of top schools to choose from.

"Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Mississippi State, Michigan State, Michigan, and Ohio State," Booth told GoBlueWolverine.

Of Booth's top seven all have offered except for Ohio State and Michigan. Wolverine assistant coach Curt Mallory recently made it out to Pike (Ind.) high school to check-in on the 2014 pass catcher, touching base on the phone later to have a conversation Booth has been waiting for since camping in Ann Arbor in June.

"He told me that he watched my film with the recruiting coordinator last week and he said that they feel like I should be a definite offer," said Booth. "When they get off the road they're going to watch the film as a staff, and he said on February 6th he wants to get me on the phone with coach Hoke and it sounds like he should be offering me that day."

Booth, who said he learned the most at Michigan's camp out of his three camp visits that also included Florida and Ohio State, was very impressed with coach Mallory's honest and real approach to their conversation.

"I just said thank you for being straight with me, ‘cause some schools just say random stuff that doesn't make sense and pulls you along," said Booth. "But he was straight with me and told me what was going on. I told him I've been waiting for that because I went up to camp and did really well when I went to camp there."

Once Booth jumps on the phone with Michigan and—potentially—receives a scholarship, the chances of the Wolverines making the cut down to a top five in the near future would be very bright.

"To me it makes them a legitimate choice now, because if you don't have an offer it's not really a choice," said Booth. "But I already have a top seven, so I'll cut it down to a top five—and pretty much right now the only two schools in my top seven that didn't offer me is Michigan and Ohio State. Now that I feel like Michigan is about to offer me -- if they do offer me it would be a different team being cut off the list."

Booth will have a busy few months planned leading up to his commitment, checking out as many schools, if not all, that he can within his timeframe.

"I'm planning on going back to all seven of those schools and seeing what's going on," said Booth. "I'm looking to go back to those and then I'll take it down (his list). I will be taking visits up until the end of my spring break -- after my spring break I'm deciding."

At 6'1 and 190 pounds, Booth would have the ability to fit multiple roles at the receiver position at the next level. But the Indiana native admits he still has plenty to learn and is looking for a coaching staff that can expand his game.

"I'm going to look at the way the coach teaches—not really just yelling but teaching players," said Booth. "I want to learn different things and techniques that other people don't know. I want to be unique."

Booth plans to major in either Psychology or Athletic Training.

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