Adamson Visits Hattiesburg

Oxford QB Parker Adamson met with Coach Monken last week, then took a visit this weekend to campus in Hattiesburg. He had a talk with the coaches again this morning. Where does he stand now? He updated the latest with

Oxford QB Parker Adamson took a trip south from Oxford to get a look at the Hattiesburg campus. He updated the latest with after his visit.

"It went really well, that was the first time I've been to Hattiesburg and it was great to take in Southern Miss," he said. "It was like a fresh start.

"I enjoyed meeting Coach Monken and all the staff, they were all very personable. It was a great staff, and I liked them all a lot."

Adamson detailed some of what he did on the trip.

"We checked out all the facilities, dorms, and what not," he said. "I met some of the players, and overall I just had a great time, it was really fun."

He was hosted by Kyle Sloter, and enjoyed meeting him and the chance to get a QB's perspective.

Early this morning, Parker talked with Coach Monken one more time, and he told us what that conversation was all about.

"We met one more time and he said he had X amount of offers out there now and he can only sign a certain number," he said. "He obviously doesn't know if he'll sign all of those, so right now its a wait and see.

"He did say if one more comes available, he'd like to offer me one."

If that offer comes, would he be interested?

"Yeah, certainly," he said. "I still have to go through some pros and cons of each school but I'm very interested.

"Right now its just a wait and see. If this comes up, it will be a high consideration I just have to wait and see."

Adamson was surprised by all the history of Southern Miss.

"I knew they had won a lot, but I didn't realize just what a winning tradition they had," he said. "I loved learning about all the players that played there and the championships won, it was really cool.

"Also getting to see the wide open offense was awesome. Coach Monken is going to put some points on the board, I'll tell you that. It's a fun offense for quarterbacks and receivers."

We'll keep updated with Parker as he waits to hear back from the Eagles and makes his final decision. Stay tuned.

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