Coach Speak: Jason Johnson On Holmes

The Eagles added a big piece in the final day before signing day in Tylertown Ath Tyre'oune Holmes. This afternoon we caught up with his Coach, Jason Johnson, who talked about the player the Eagles will be keeping close to home in Hattiesburg.

Head Coach Jason Johnson's program at Tylertown has produced some big time talent in the last few years.

Tyre'oune Holmes certainly fits that description.

He's a "do-it-all" athlete who shined at Quarterback for the Chiefs this past season, and according to Coach Johnson, can be a star at almost any position on the field.

What is it that makes Holmes such a great addition to the Eagle program?

"I think Southern Miss is a really good fit for him," he said. "With Coach Monken coming in with what we think is the wide open offense that Oklahoma State ran, I can see him playing on both sides of the ball.

"They are probably going to have to have a big pow-wow about where he best fits in. I can see him playing on offense as a slot receiver, he can run that bubble screen really well, and he can take a short pass the distance because he has 4.3 speed.

"He was a dual threat quarterback for us. He's going to make that transition wherever he goes real easy. When you have 4.3 speed there is a lot you can do with everyone."

There is one thing Holmes possesses that you can't teach, runaway speed. Coach Johnson referred to this often.

"I may be getting him in trouble when I say this, but I honestly feel like when he steps on campus he'll be the fastest player on the team," he said. "I've coached a lot of players, including Jameon Lewis at Mississippi State, who is a burner himself, and I'm telling you, T-Man can fly.

"He'll be a kick return guy and a punt return guy. I know there is a lot of speculation that he might fit in at corner. He's 6'0, but has very long arms so he's got that range that people like at corner.

"Its a good situation, but they are going to have a hard time figuring out where they are going to play him at."

Holmes had a very difficult time as he was being pursued by both Southern Miss and Mississippi State. Coach talks about how the decision made will be a relief to him now that it is behind him.

"It was exciting in the beginning to get the attention but these last few weeks its been a burden on him," he said. "It has been tough to make a decision, but he's been very mature about the entire thing.

"He's tried to look at where do I fit in best and what feels like home? Both recruited him to the very end. When he came back from his visit from Southern Miss he said it just felt right to him."

Coach also said Golden Eagle fans will be happy to be able to cheer on a local talent.

"He'll give Southern Miss fans something to cheer about for many years," he said. "I really think he's a kid that could play for any D1 program in the nation. This is a kid who could walk on campus anywhere and he would compete and play there.

"He's a top notch talent, and just a fine young man."

The Eagles will also be bringing in someone who is of a very high character.

"His work ethic is second to none," he said. "His desire to train and work hard is amazing. I've had kids who were as good as far as habits, but none any better. He conditions 12 months out of the year.

"I have never had to scold him hard and his reply was anything other than 'yes sir.' That is just the kind of young man he is. He is always about what he can do to make the team better, and he's the kind of kid you want playing for you."

The head coach also said he loves for his kids at Tylertown to go on to play at the highest level. Fortunately for the Eagles, Holmes will be staying close to home and east on 98 in Hattiesburg.

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