Reviewing Recruiting With State Coordinators

Signing Day 2013 is now two weeks in the rear-view. Then again, given the successes of this completed signing season, as well as the promise for both this and future seasons, Bulldog coaches do still enjoy looking back at their recruiting class.

Dawgs' Bite spoke with Mississippi State's offensive and defensive coordinators about the Class of 2013. As his side of the roster was allotted the largest share of signings this year, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Les Koenning is Part 1 of this week's series.

Going in alphabetical order:

Jeremey Chappelle, Wide Receiver, Tyler (TX) Junior College: "He was one of the top three JC recruits in the country. He fills a need that we have to have. What we saw on film was a really good football player. We beat some folks on him. He's fit in, he enjoys it here. He'll probably start off outside, we really don't know yet. And we don't want to make some other kids mad! But we'll watch them all so we can put the best eleven on the field."

Shelby Christy, Wide Receiver, Giesmar (LA) Dutchtown HS: "The thing both those receivers give you is length. In the SEC you've got to have some length. He a guy who came on late (to recruiting analysts), but we watched him early and stayed with him."

Jamaal Clayborn, Offensive Lineman, Jackson (MS) Academy: "On an offensive lineman, two or three years down the line you find out what you've got. He has two state championships and has done a lot of winning. We really like what he brings to the table but until he gets in the trenches and gets after it we won't know where he fits. He's got a body to play a little bit of both being a thick young kid."

Kent Flowers, Offensive Lineman, Hollandale (MS) Simmons HS: "He's a kid that is talented. He still has a little academically to get straightened-out. But I'm very excited about him. Athletically, you watch him and to put him in the category of offensive linemen he's really athletic. And he's tall, a big wide kid that is really athletic. He can play a tackle for us, he's a long lean kid. But he can play inside for us, too. I don't think you can go wrong with him."

Donald Gray, Wide Receiver, Memphis (TN) White Station: "Everyone you talk to in Memphis is in agreement, he's a freak of an athlete. You can pull stats out where he catches six balls for six touchdowns. Any time the ball is in his hands something is going to happen. People in Memphis say he can turn a game around all of a sudden. He does have some academic work to do but he's really dynamic with the football."

B.J. Hammond, Wide Receiver, Gadsden (AL) City HS: "He's a big guy. He adds a dimension, you can definitely see him as somebody you can get a mismatch inside with, as an inside guy. You look at Malcolm Johnson and B.J., those guys are bigger bodies that can muscle-up on some inside people. Again we're not scared to put him outside."

Fred Ross, Wide Receiver, Tyler (TX) John Tyler HS: "Ahhh, Fred! The exciting thing about Fred, when you watch him on film and the ball is in his hands, good thing are happening. I mean, good things are happening. We've talked to Fred about outside receiver, a kid we think can come in and help us. He fits us, I mean he really fits well at Mississippi State. He wants to play in the SEC. The recruiting worked out well for us because he committed late. A lot of people tried to get in on him. But it was too late and we're very happy to have him."

Artimas Samuel, Tight End, Columbus (GA) Hargrave Military Academy: "What I like about him is his size. He's another inside guy that can match up physically. But the other part I liked with him too is he stayed with us. He went through a lot, some turmoil. The trust factor he showed was big, that means he bought in."

Cord Sandberg, Quarterback, Bradenton (FL) Manatee HS: "Cord has to evaluate the college experience to the monetary value of professional athletics. That's exactly what he has to do! I hope Cord comes. Dan, myself, we've talked to him and I think he really, really wants to come play football here. But there are concerns. And you cannot blame the kid if he decides to go for that. Maybe we get him a little bit later? I'm in a very positive mode that he is coming to us because he brings a lot of things. He's a dual-threat quarterback that can run and throw, he has tremendous leadership. He'll be a really, really good football player in the SEC."

Ashton Shumpert, Running Back, Fulton (MS) Itawamba AHS: "I thought he was one of the key ingredients in the class. Ashton, he's a big back. We've got some scatbacks on the team but he now brings some physicality to what we have. And I really enjoy what he brings to the game. I think he was a real good get for us."

Jake Thomas, Offensive Lineman, Columbus (MS) HS: "A big offensive lineman, I really like him. He's got the size, he's got the feet. In two years I'll let you know exactly. But he is talented. We're still young at some positions (on the line). So we're looking for a guy who say can push Justin Malone."

Damian Williams, Quarterback, Metairie (LS) Archbishop Rummell HS: "We had him in camp and really enjoyed working with him. He spins the ball really well, he brings that physicality to the team. He is a big, physical kid and will be able to withstand some of the stuff that happens in the SEC. I watched him play basketball and saw all his leadership skills."

DE'RUNNYA WILSON, Wide Receiver, Birmingham (AL) Wenonah HS: "He's a big, tall kid who is superior athletically. He can play a lot of positions, we can get a good matchup with him because we really like what he brings. And again his athleticism is so phenomenal, Coach Brewster saw him, and his athleticism is what is going to get him on the field."

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