Durr checks out LSU

2014 CB Lashard Durr made a weekday trip to check out the LSU campus on Tuesday. While he's still looking for this first offer, Durr will definitely come back to Baton Rouge.

The recruiting process for Lashard Durr has really just begun.

So while he had some free time this week, Durr decided to start checking out different programs within driving distance. Last weekend he visited Mississippi State, and next weekend he'll be at Alabama.

Tuesday he was in Baton Rouge, examining LSU. He said the size of the campus was the part that stood out most.

"That was my first time being at LSU," Durr said. "It's big. I could get lost there. That's the biggest [campus] I've ever been on."

While on campus, Durr met with Corey Raymond and Frank Wilson. The two coaches had seen Durr's film, and told him he has the potential to receive an offer if he performs well at summer camp.

"They talked about coming to camp," Durr said. "That's how they evaluate people, is based on how you do at camp. They're not just going to take anybody. They want to see them."

Durr said he'll definitely attend the camp in June, and came away positive on what LSU and the coaching staff has to offer.

"They're all cool," Durr said. "I liked them. But I don't know about how much interest they have. This was really my first time interacting with them."

Durr has only started to scratch the surface of his potential. After playing a roving linebacker position through the first two years of his high school career, Durr made the permanent switch to cornerback in his junior season.

"My coach said I'd get looked at more at corner than at any other position," Durr said, "so I said ‘I'm going to go play corner.'"

At 5-foot-11, 180 pounds, Durr said he also plays running back, but his primary focus moving forward is in the secondary. And though his talent is still raw, he said the LSU coaches recognized his upside.

"They said they enjoyed my film and said I have a lot of talent," Durr said. "This is my first year playing corner, and they were surprised. They said I did good for my first time playing corner."

His visit to LSU served as only his second trip to a college campus. He checked out Mississippi State last weekend, and said aside from the size, both programs have a lot of the same qualities.

"LSU's way bigger than Mississippi State," Durr said. "I was surprised when I saw it…The coaches are about the same though. They all just tell you the truth and how it's going to be."

As for which schools he likes most, or what he'll be looking for once he starts evaluating his options, Durr said he hasn't given that much though.

"I haven't started thinking about all that yet," he said.

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