New offers for Smith

Michael Smith has said he hopes to commit soon and while it seems like Miami is in the driver's seat, other programs are continuing to join the race for his skills. The four-star outside linebacker breaks down the latest offers right here.

Miami, Louisville, Clemson, Mississippi State, South Florida and West Virginia are some of the programs on Smith's offer list and this week Wisconsin and UCLA both joined the race. Michael Smith spoke with Wisconsin Defensive Coordinator Dave Aranda earlier this week and picked up the Badgers offer.

"I spoke to him over the phone and he told me I had an offer," said Smith.

"He just said that he likes my speed and my explosiveness and the way they're trying to change their defense to a three-four, I'd fit perfectly."

While Wisconsin is a ways from home for the Northwestern (Miami, FL) standout, he has high regard for the program.

"I always thought about Wisconsin as a (good) place to play football, they put out a lot of great players, you know, Wisconsin's just a really top-notch, good school," Smith said.

"I'll say I'm interested, I'll look into it more, I'm open to it."

Even further away from home for Smith is UCLA, another offer he picked up this week and another program he hopes to look into.

"My defensive coordinator called me and told me one of the UCLA coaches, (Coach Jeff Ulbrich) wanted to talk to me and he told me that he was really excited about me and hyped up and pumped up about me," Smith said.

"They'd use me the same way as Wisconsin (would)."

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound linebacker plans to take a lot of visits this summer and he's hoping UCLA will be on the list.

"I think UCLA would be a cool place to visit, the environment is right in California right by Hollywood, right by the LA Lakers, I could always go to a Lakers game. I really like their program," he said.

Smith has mentioned wanting to commit to a program this spring, but to then take several visits this summer. As his childhood favorite, Miami seems in the best position, but Smith still plans to travel and see what's out there. Stay tuned to FOX Sports NEXT for the latest.

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