Shootout Recap

The Shootout featured some of the top talent in the Hoosier State. Class of 2015 standout K.J. Walton was one of the many high level performers at the weekend event.

Kelan Martin, SF/PF, Indiana Elite – Was a force all weekend for Elite. Though they came up just short in the title game Martin was excellent. He is at his best driving to the rim and using his strength and savvy to finish, though he is also a capable shot maker out to 18 feet. He has to guard a power forward on defense, and with his strength he makes up for his lack of height. Overall he was one of the most productive players in the entire event, and really did a lot to raise his stock.

Milik Yarbrough, SF, Indiana Elite – A very solid talent, Yarbrough does a lot on the offensive end. He made shots, got to the rim, and finished in traffic. He wasn't quite as consistently productive as Martin, but he did a lot of the same things with his size and length. He needs to bring it every possession, but he has the talent to open eyes.

Ernie Duncan, PG, Indiana Elite – Duncan arrived late at the event, but he did make an impact when he got there. A scoring point guard, Duncan has solid range and then also is a decent athlete who is strong going to the rim. Laterally he can struggle, and he isn't a guy with elite quickness, but he does a lot of things fairly well and finds a way to be productive.

Justin Baker, PG, Eric Gordon All-Stars (Green) – A small scoring point guard, Baker was a bit shot happy at times, but he was instrumental in his team winning the championship. Baker is someone who is capable of getting hot from the outside or scoring off the dribble. He did do a better job of running a team, and he does have good quickness, but he needs to commit himself on defense and limit turnovers.

Sam Logwood, SF, Eric Gordon All-Stars (Keeton) – Logwood is one of the best athletes on the wing in the country, and his skills looking to be improved. Now his shot was off all weekend, but he was dribbling it better and showed an ability to get to the rim. Defensively he is so versatile and can do a lot of different things. He is clearly asserting himself as a high-major prospect.

Bryant McIntosh, SG/PG, Eric Gordon All-Stars (Keeton) – Indiana State is getting themselves a very good player with McIntosh. He is capable of playing both backcourt positions, sees the floor well, and is a natural scorer. His shot was good this weekend, and also he made good decisions overall. Whenever EG 10 needed a bucket it was McIntosh that they went to, and production wise he was far and away their most consistent.

K.J. Walton, SG, Spiece Indy Heat – After a somewhat inconsistent high school season it was good to see Walton really show up in the opening event of the spring on the AAU circuit. Despite having a bit of an injured hand, Walton scored it very well going to the rim, used his athleticism to be a problem on defense, and also rebounded well for a guard. Walton has all the talent in the world, and when his motor is running he is tough to deal with, and at least to start things off he was excellent I helping Spiece win the championship.

Derrik Smits, C, Spiece Indy Heat – The son of former Indianapolis Pacer great, Rik Smits, Derrik looks to be a legit 6-foot-10 now, and is still growing. He has an excellent shooting touch out to 18 feet and is very good facing the rim. He will also block shots and be a position defender. Smits must rebound better, but he showed the flashes of a big guy who is close to having the light come on.

Bronson Kessinger, PF, Spiece Indy Heat – A little bit taller and definitely stronger than last summer, Kessinger provided a major spark for Indy Heat. He was explosive around the rim finishing with some impressive dunks and played with a great motor. Kessinger isn't super skilled and he knows it so he does all of his damage by playing within his abilities, and while not the prototypical size for the position he will make some coach very happy going forward.

Jalen Coleman, SG, Indiana Elite – A big time shooter, Coleman showed a bit more diversity to his game this weekend. When his shot wasn't going in he was still locked in on defense, rebounded well, and showed a bit more game off the bounce. Coleman continues to get more athletic and more consistent with his effort. While he didn't have an elite shooting weekend like he is capable of, it was still good to see him show more parts of his developing game.

Hyron Edwards, PG, Indiana Elite – One of the elite athletes at the position in the class, Edwards as always was a monster in transition. What is good is Edwards is now becoming a more consistent jump shooter as well, and continues to work on his game. Now he needs to show more of a feel for how to run a team in the halfcourt, but his quickness and shot making is now an impressive combination.

Chandler White, SG, Indiana Elite – A very good athlete, White was productive for Indiana Elite. He was good on the defensive end and as usual used his strength and athleticism to get to the rim and convert. He missed some free throws, but his form is looking better, and White is someone who will get a long look from the mid to high levels.

Michael Benkert, SG, Eric Gordon Central Stars – Not an elite athlete, Benkert gets it done with intelligence and flat out basketball ability. He is becoming a very reliable shooter from deep and despite not being super quick knows how to get into the lane finish. He is just a kid who always finds a way to score. Defensively he is average since he isn't great laterally, but he continues to improve and knows how to put the ball in the basket.

Gary Bonds, PF, Best Choice – The question with Bonds has never been physical ability. It has always revolved around his motor, and he looked a bit more engaged this weekend. Now there is still room for improvement, but Bonds did attack the glass better. He is about 6-foot-8 with length and athleticism, but still he needs to take that next step from prospect to player.

Eron Gordon, SG, Eric Gordon All-Stars (Green) – It was impressive to see a class of 2016 standout lead his team to a 17-and under title. Gordon did it mostly by using his strength and athleticism to attack off the bounce, but also his jumper continues to get better. He has to continue to refine his game, but the tools are there for him to be excellent, and college coaches are already taking a long look at him.

D.J. Wilkins, SG, Indiana Elite – Wilkins was clearly the top performer for the 15-and under champions. He has long arms, is a good athlete, and can handle the ball. Right now he is best not running the point, but he proved capable of doing so in a pinch. His shot off the bounce needs some work, but off the catch he is good and he has a world of upside.

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