Clay Homan Talks With The Media

Mississippi State head men's golf coach Clay Homan talks to the media about his team being selected to play in NCAA postseason at the Baton Rouge Regional.

Didn't you play at LSU this season?
"Yeah, we played there in the fall. That was one of the reasons we played in a tournament there in the fall. We knew they were going to host one of the regionals and that there was a chance of us going there. Playing there should prove to be helpful. We know it is a long golf course, one of the longest you will see anywhere. That suits our style of play."

What are your thoughts about the teams that will be playing in the regional?
"It will be tough anywhere you go but there were three SEC schools selected right before us (on the selection show). You have Alabama, one of the best teams in the country. You have LSU on their home course. And you have Florida, then you have us. And there were some good teams (selected after) us. South Alabama is a good team. Northwestern was selected and they are always a top 30 team."

How do you feel about your team right now?
"They've had a week off for exams, so we slowed it down a little bit for them. But we will have a good week of practice this week, which we started today. And we have a week and a few days to get ready. Our guys are playing with a lot of confidence. And we have a veteran group that is pretty even keel. They don't get too high or too low."

You had a good showing in the SEC championship, you were 5th. How will you carry that over to this regional?
"It's really been like that all year. The SEC was great but we have won four times this season. Really, the only bad tournament that we had was at Florida, the first of February. You can use all the excuses you want (in regard to how we played in that tournament), but since then I feel like our team has gotten better each week. With each win and each high finish we learned something new."

You mentioned that the longer golf course suits your guys. Why do you say that?
"We have a team that wants the driver in their hands. Robi (Calvesbeurt) is a good driver. Axel (Boasson ) is a bomber. Chad (Ramey) is a really good driver. Joe (Sakulpolphaisan) hits extremely straight. And Barrett (Edens) can be a very good driver.

"We felt like this golf course, because it is big and a little bit open off the tee, is a good golf course for us. It gets a little tougher as you get closer because the greens are very, very severe. There are a lot of humps and bumps on the greens that you have to navigate."

What else do you like about the LSU golf course?
"We like it because we tend to do better when par is a good score. And we felt like we got that (with LSU). If we had gone to Florida State the scores would have been really low, a lot of Birdies. We want it where par is a premium."

Not only is your team a veteran team but they've been through a regional before. That has to be comforting as a coach.
"You don't have to take these guys by the hand too much. They've been through it before. Now is not the time when you have to do that. They know what it takes for them to play their best. I don't have to do that. We may get beat but it won't be because they can't handle themselves. We just have to go out and execute."

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