A Q&A With MSU RHP Brandon Woodruff

Mississippi State sophomore RHP Brandon Woodruff talks about rehabbing from surgery to repair a stress fracture in his right forearm area.

What exactly was wrong with your arm?
Brandon Woodruff - "During the fall I had a stress reaction and (the MSU coaches) sat me down (to rest it). (A stress reaction) is the closet thing to a stress fracture without it actually being fractured. The remainder of the fall I let it heal. I don't know if it completely healed but it came back (in the spring)."

When did you realize it had come back?
"The (Mayor's Cup) Ole Miss game. But it was different because it wasn't the same feeling as it was in the fall."

What happened next?
"I had a CT scan and found out that it was a fracture. There was a bone spur in there, too. They found out that there was no blood getting to the bone, which was keeping it from healing."

What did they do to correct the problem?
"They put two small pins in my bone and sawed off the bone spur. (MSU team Doctor Rusty Linton) said when he went in after putting the pins in, blood was rushing everywhere. He said (the surgery) couldn't have gone any better."

Did you notice the difference?
"I did. I felt like the pressure had lifted. It feels normal now. It still feels sore from the surgery, but other than that, it feels normal."

What is the recovery time for this type surgery?
"Recovery time is anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. I'll go back and see Dr. Linton after this week and have an X-ray taken to see how it is doing. I'm sure I'll start doing therapy after that. Right now, all I'm doing is moving it to try and straighten it out as much as I can."

When do you expect to start throwing again?
"I'll probably start throwing a little after (the beginning of) August. He said he'll know exactly when I can start throwing again by looking at the X-rays and other things."

What kind of throwing program will you be on?
"He said I'll have to take it real slow. I'll start out lite tossing, then build it up. I guess you can say I'll start short tossing a certain number of throws, then build it up from there. He said I should come back even stronger than I already was."

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