New offer, top school for Hoyett

Braxton Hoyett felt like he was on the verge of SEC offers for some time, and he finally broke through on Saturday with one of the schools he's been anticipating. After earning the offer at camp, the program vaulted to the top of his list.

"I got an offer from Mississippi State!" Braxton Hoyett informed Scout on Saturday.

The Pelham (Ala.) defensive lineman, who says he measured in at 6-foot-4, 280 pounds while in Starkville, earned the extension at camp.

"Coach [David] Turner, the D-line coach, really likes me," he said. "He said I'm very quick off the ball. He said my pass-rush moves and quickness can really help them out and that they need me."

Hoyett then got word from the head Bulldog.

"I also talked to Coach [Dan] Mullen," he added. "Coach told me about the program and what it takes to be a part of the team. He said he would love for me to come there."

The move from the Bulldogs, the rising senior's first SEC offer, may go a long way for one of the best defensive line talents in Alabama.

"I've been waiting on this for a while," said Hoyett. "This is definitely my top school."

"I just feel comfortable there because they treat me like family," he continued. "And I know they would push me to become the best player I can be."

Was there a temptation to pull the trigger?

"There was, but I didn't want to rush into it all as of right now," he said. "I told them I'm going to continue to think about it until I make my final decision.

"I'm going to finish out summer and finish these camps and continue to pray about things because I want to make the right choice."

Hoyett says he's going to Kentucky Monday, Southern Miss Friday for camps before a trip to Miami on June 22.

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