From Omaha: Eric Dubose

With game one of the NCAA College World Series championship series set for tonight, Bulldogs fans have shown up in Omaha, Nebraska by the thousands. Among that number is former Mississippi State All-American pitcher Eric Dubose. Dubose took some time out to talk about what this historic series means to Mississippi State baseball.

"You know this is really about Mississippi State's baseball tradition," said Dubose. "This is the first team that has really taken that next step to get into this situation.

"It is exciting to know we are all part of this baseball tradition and that we all helped lay some of the bricks to help the program get into this position."

Dubose admits to being a little overwhelmed by the throngs of Bulldog fans who have shown up in droves to support the Diamond Dawgs.

"You know to see these fans is amazing," said Dubose. "This is really what it's all about.

"Being a former player and being on this side of things it's just an amazing thing to see these fans and see the love they have and they passion they have for Mississippi State baseball and for these players.

"It's just remarkable to see how people love this school and love this baseball team.

"Being on the baseball side of things, I guess you learn to take some of that for granted, but to see it now from this perspective is just amazing.

"To see what these people are sacrificing and seeing what these people are going through just to get here is absolutely amazing."

The 11 year major league veteran reports that there are Bulldogs as far as they eye can see around the stadium.

"I haven't seen anybody from California yet," said Dubose with a chuckle. "We went through the general admission line and now we're here at Centurylink and it's just ridiculous to see how much Maroon is in this town.

"The buzz that is going on up here is just absolutely crazy."

Dubose reports that this Bulldog team is one that fans can get behind and that they are a fun group to watch.

"I just love the way that they go about things," said Dubose. "It's like the're just out there in the sandlot playing ball.

"They're having a blast and they're not getting caught up in where they are or what's at stake.

"They're just playing ball.

"Each guy is just doing his job and not trying to do everything himself.

"They are just doing their part and playing good team baseball.

"It's just fun to watch.

"All of this is just contagious.

"They have some guys willing to sacrifice even though I know they would rather be in the game."

The former Bulldog ace reports that he sees a lot of merit in the actions of the full roster of players and not just those on the field.

"The guys on the bench have sort of given this team some attitude," said Dubose. "They have some real characters.

"It's been real interesting to see that and see how some of these guys have handled the season and their role on the team."

While the run to Omaha's championship series has been historic, Dubose believes that Bulldog baseball has taken the next step win or lose this week against UCLA.

"From what I understand this is the first time we have had the chance to play for a national championship in anything," said Dubose. "We at Mississippi State have always taken so much pride in our baseball.

"I think this is something that has been a long time coming.

"It is something we have all worked very hard for.

"To be able to tell people that I went to Mississippi State and that I played baseball at Mississippi State is such an honor.

"I am proud to be part of this tradition and proud to be part of the Bulldog family.

Eric DuBose was a three time All-American selection during his Bulldog career.

He was selected in the first round of the 1997 Major League Baseball draft.

Dubose played professional baseball for eleven seasons mostly in the Baltimore Orioles system.

The former Diamond Dawg great recently accepted the head coaching position at American Christian Academy in Tuscaloosa, Alabama after a short stint as pitching coach at West Alabama.

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